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Last Comic Standing: The Top 10 Finalists Take The Stage

July 12, 2010 07:40 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight, on an all-new episode of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing, the top 10 finalists perform for a live audience in hopes of winning America’s votes. After tonight’s routines and votes, three comics will be eliminated from the competition. Keep reading for more details on how the top 10 finalists performed in their stand-up routines…

On tonight’s new episode of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing, the top 10 finalists take the stage to fight for America’s votes! Each of the finalists will be performing a stand-up routine for a live audience in Los Angeles, as well as the at-home viewers. It’s up to America to decide which contestants stick around and which comics just aren’t funny. Based on tonight’s votes, three comedians will be eliminated from the competition and lose the opportunity to become the Last Comic Standing.


Laurie Kilmartin is the first comic who will be gracing the stage. Her routine starts out kind of weak but has a few funny moments. She relies heavily on her dating life (or lack thereof) and her life as a single mom for her material. Overall, she doesn’t come off nearly as funny as she did during the auditions and semi-finals round, but there’s something really likable about this witty and sarcastic comedienne.

Following Laurie Kilmartin is Mexican comedian Felipe Esparza. His routine is sub-par. He seems to win the crowd over a little bit more than Laurie, but he doesn’t blow anyone away. He relies heavily on his Mexican background and hefty size to win laughs, a method that seems to have worked for him in the auditions and semi-final round.

Roy Wood Jr. is up next and he starts off strong. He gets the crowd going with his first joke and never lets up. His jokes are well-written, well delivered, and flat out funny. Roy comes off confident and comfortable up on the stage and I won’t be surprised if he sticks around in the competition for quite some time. That’s assuming America likes funny people, of course.


The next comic to take the stage is Maronzio Vance, introduced by Craig Robinson dressed as Santa Claus. Why is he dressed as Santa Claus, you ask. That’s a great question and one to which I do not have an answer. Not surprisingly, Maronzio Vance is equal parts funny and cool. He has good jokes and a great delivery, plus he’s just a sharp looking dude that seems like he’d be fun to hang out with. His charisma and cuteness alone should win him some votes, but fortunately for him, he’s funny to boot.

Rachel Feinstein performs for the crowd next and her standup routine is entirely predictable, based on her audition and semi-final performances. She relies heavily on her variety of impressions and family-centered material to win laughs from the audience. Her routine seems to impress the crowd though overall. Following Rachel is comedian Tommy Johnagin. He’s charismatic, hilarious, and his routine doesn’t disappoint. He covers a wide range of material and keeps the crowd laughing the entire time.


Jonathan Thymius is up next. He looks completely bewildered as he takes the stage and wastes a solid minute before ever delivering a joke. He’s so awkward and dry that the audience seems confused during his entire routine. At one point, he just burps as a punchline. Am I just not smart enough to get why this guy made the finalists? He clearly has a sense of humor, but his routines are really not that funny. I’m pretty sure Jonathan is in danger tonight since most of America is probably scratching their heads wondering how this guy made the competition in the first place.

The next comedian vying for America’s votes is James Adomian. His high-energy routine starts off strong with a hilarious bit where he bashes Aesop and his fables. Unfortunately, he follows that up with a rather long, albeit sorta funny, impression of Paul Giamatti as John Adams. Do most people know who Paul Giamatti is? Not enough to win votes, I suspect.


Mike DeStefano takes the stage after James and delivers one of the strongest routines of the night (in my opinion). Despite the fact that his constant yelling is a little bit grating, his material is funny and his delivery is great. The crowd seems to love him too. It doesn’t hurt that he’s slightly scary and most of America is probably afraid for their lives if they don’t vote for him.

The final comedian to take the stage is Myq Kaplan. He’s geeky, intelligent, and absolutely hilarious. The audience loves him and he keeps them laughing during his entire routine.

Now that the top 10 finalists have performed their routines, it’s up to America to vote for their favorites. Who made you laugh? Who do you think should be sent home?

Tune into NBC next Monday night as three finalists are eliminated from the competition and the remaining 7 take the stage once again!

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