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The Bachelorette: Hometown Visits!

July 12, 2010 06:54 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky will visit the hometowns of the remaining four bachelors and meet their families. Keep reading to find out what happens, and who gets sent home…

Roberto is bringing Ali home to Tampa Florida. Ali arrives to meet him at his former school, where he tells her they are going to walk around a bit. He takes her to the baseball field where he gives her a jersey.  He dons a uniform and hey canoodle on the pitcher’s mound. Ali thinks he looks hot – he does! Roberto teaches her how to bat and it’s fun and playful.  He gives her a baseball card with him on it – playing for her hometown! Ali is tickled. Roberto tells her a bit about his parents to prepare her.


Ali and Roberto go to his home to meet up with his parents, sister, brother, and sister-in-law. Over a meal they quiz her on why she gave Roberto the first impression rose – she says it was just based on a feeling. Roberto’s dad decides to have a go at Ali. Roberto warns him not to be too tough. He grills her about her job ambitions, wondering if she will be able to support Roberto in his career.  Roberto later learns that he has his parents’ approval to propose to Ali if it goes that far.  Family dancing ensues.

Next, Ali travels to Cape Cod to see Chris and meet his family. In spite of the drizzly weather, Chris takes her to see the beach he grew up on. They walk with his dog and play fetch. Chris thinks she’s the perfect woman for him.  They make their way to the house and go inside to look at all of the family photos, particularly of his late mother. Chris becomes a little emotional telling Ali what it means to bring her there.

Ali meets Chris’s dad, and then his brothers and their wives. Ali enjoys the family vibe.  They share wine, and the sister-in-laws ask Ali about the bracelet Chris gave her in Portugal. Dad tells Ali the story of meeting his wife. He gets her alone and explains the commonalities he sees between her and Chris.  Meanwhile, Chris’s brothers and sister-in-laws tell him they like Ali, but they’re worried because he’s not the only one.  Chris’s dad gives him the thumbs up later, and tells him his mother would see how happy Ali makes him. Before they leave, Chris takes her to a turret on the property and kisses her!


Kirk greets Ali enthusiastically when she arrives in Green Bay. They will visit both of his parents’ homes since he comes from a divorced family.  They go to his dad’s house first. Dad immediately invites Ali down to see his basement. She is stunned to see a room full of taxidermy animals!  She gamely checks everything out, including the stuff in the freezer! He tells her she is special because Kirk brought her home.  Kirk’s stepmother and adopted younger sister give him advice upstairs.  Kirk’s father tells him he finds Ali to be really nice, and he trusts what he decides.

At Kirk’s mother’s house, Ali meets his mom, grandma, and Kirk’s sister.  Over dinner, Ali answers a few questions about why she is attracted to Kirk. Ali and Kirk’s mother talk alone about Kirk’s illness and his mother gets choked up. They share a hug. Kirk sits with his mother later and she tells him she approves.  Ali thinks Kirk has a very loving family. He kisses her goodbye and tells the camera he’s falling.

Frank is set to welcome Ali to Chicago. They go out on a boat where they snap pictures and talk.  In a tense moment, Frank admits that he has some serious insecurities regarding the process.  He calls it a ‘mind game’. Ali dislikes his lack of confidence and constant need for reassurance.  She is very concerned as they go to meet his family.  At the house they are welcomed with open arms and quizzed on how they got this far.


Ali heads outside to chat with Mom.  Ali tells her how strongly she feels about Frank. Inside, Frank admits to other family members that he and Ali feel like a couple, but he’s worried it may not go the distance.  His sister tells Ali that Frank is just freaking out because he’s vulnerable. The family gives Frank the go ahead. After they say goodbye, Ali tells the cameras she thinks there is a good chance she and Frank could end up together at the end of all this.

Chris Harrison welcomes Ali back to L.A. for the Rose Ceremony. They rehash the hometown visits. She talks about how hot Roberto looked in his uniform and how into family he is. Ali says she could picture herself in Chris’s family, though she wonders if the progress in their relationship came too late.  She comments on the love and support Kirk receives from his family, but she’s not sure he’s the guy she needs.  Ali ends by saying how excited she was to see Frank, and that she loved his family. Chris asks if her husband is among these men. Ali says she feels stronger about a few of these guys now than she did about Jake when she told him she would accept his marriage proposal if he asked.

Rose Ceremony

Ali tells the four bachelors tearfully that her decision has nothing to do with families, and that she doesn’t want to do this.  She fights to compose herself. She offers roses to Roberto, Chris, and Frank. Kirk doesn’t receive a rose and will be leaving.  Ali walks him outside and says it’s not about him or her – it’s just about them together. Kirk lets her know that it hurts. They hug and he leaves in the limo.

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