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The City: Whitney Port’s Diet & Exercise Routine

July 12, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Although she’s an aspiring fashion designer, Whitney Port, star of MTV‘s The City, could typically pass as one of the models. The tall blonde beauty says she works hard to keep her svelte figure, working out three times a week and eating right. Keep reading for more details on Whitney Port’s exercise routine, healthy eating tips, and biggest temptations…

Whitney Port, star of MTV‘s The City, says it isn’t always easy to maintain her model-esque figure. The reality TV starlet and budding fashion designer works hard to stay thin, despite temptations all around her. “I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, so it’s not that big of a problem,” Whitney Port says. “My junk food issue is savory stuff, like French fries and pizza. I love gummy bears, and I’m a sucker for frozen yogurt, so I’ll go for that, but that’s not that bad.”

The biggest temptation for the reality TV star is bread. “Bread and butter is my favorite food. I could eat that all day long, and if someone puts it in front of me, it’s always very hard to say no to it. That’s the biggest challenge,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll eat so fast, I won’t even realize how much I’m eating. The key is to eat slow, and make sure you’re not eating past your satisfaction limit.”

In addition to her food temptations, Whitney Port admits that working out regularly doesn’t always come easily for her. “I will get into phases where I’ll have to work out every day or every other day, and then I’ll get out of the swing of it, and it’ll be hard to get into it again,” she tells OK! magazine. “Right now, I’m in a rut. It takes me going to the gym a couple times for me to get back into the routine.”

As for finding a workout routine, Whitney Port suggests changing it up. “I tried Pilates for the first time about two months ago,” she says. “I liked it. I used to dance in high school, so I felt like it felt very natural for my body. Other than that, I try to walk on the treadmill, walk outside, and do weight training.When I can’t make it to the gym, I’ll do push-ups and sit-ups in my apartment.”

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