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The Next Food Network Star: Paul Young Elimination Interview

July 12, 2010 12:54 PM by Lisa Princ


Fun loving Paul Young was the latest eliminated contestant on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network despite the fact that his challenge went really well this week. Keep reading to find out what Paul’s thoughts on the show and his elimination are, as well as hear what his future holds!

Paul Young was disappointed that he would not be The Next Food Network Star on Food Network but he still took some time to sit down and share his thoughts and goals! Here is what Paul wanted to share with his fans.

Question: How nerve wrecking was it to work in front of a live audience?

Paul Young: It wasn’t quite as nerve wrecking as some of the other challenges. I enjoyed working in front of a live audience, and of course you want them to love you. I guess I would say it was a six out of ten for me.

Question: You didn’t seem surprised that you were eliminated, were you?

Paul Young: I figured as much. I thought this past week was a positive week for me, but being in the bottom yet again I knew it was coming. I knew I had to be on the chopping block. It is disappointing…you become disappointed in yourself, and you start to think what you could have done differently and over analyze everything. Eventually you need to stop yourself. Yes, I was disappointed but this is not the end for me.

Question: What was the toughest aspect of your task with Herb?

Paul Young: I would have to say cooking out of the truck since there was not a lot of room as we normally have in the kitchen. Herb and I get along great on a personal level, so we had fun but the amount of room and the ovens not working were tough. It was a great experience though and I actually loved that challenge.

Question: You seemed to have fun flirting with Paula Deen, but were you nervous knowing she would be judging and tasting your food?

Paul Young: [giggling] It was great. It was such an honor and privilege to meet her. Paula Deen is such an electric woman, it was so exciting yet a touch nerve wrecking at the same time. Paula Deen is one of those people who has been through so much and yet gotten this far, such an inspiration to so many.


Question: What would you do differently if given another chance?

Paul Young: I think if given the chance, I would be myself more. One of the main problems for the contestants is that you hold onto this opportunity so tightly, you end up strangling it. I should have let myself go and been myself more instead of trying strictly to please the judges.

Question: What was the greatest thing you learned from your time on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network?

Paul Young: One of the greatest things I have learned is that you never really know what you look like on camera until you see it on television [laughing]. I learned to just go with the flow, I mean it’s great to focus, but things take you where they take you. I know I am a better person for being on the show. I will now focus on my food with more playful attitude.

Question: Why did you struggle with your culinary point of view?

Paul Young: I don’t think I struggled with it. It wasn’t working for the judges so I tried to change it, I just wanted to tweak it a little. In the end however it was too little too late. I still stand by my culinary point of view.

Question: What would you like the viewers and your fans to know about you?

Paul Young: I am not a rude guy. I’m a fun loving guy, and if I am making you laugh, I am having a good day. I love an audience, and I am so in love with food, you know it brings people together. I love to teach others how to cook and give advice, and I love to learn as well, I don’t know everything and I am like a sponge.

Question: What does the future hold for you?

Paul Young: I am actually in the process of opening restaurant as the executive chef with two partners. It’s called Stubby’s Pub & Grub in Milwaukee WI. Yes, it’s a funny name that is supposed to make you giggle when you say it and it’s down home Americana which goes with my culinary point of view.

Thank you and best of luck to Paul Young! Be sure to catch an all new episode of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network Sunday!

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