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True Beauty: Blackjack Dealers!

July 12, 2010 07:56 PM by Candace Young


Tonight’s episode of True Beauty on ABC begins with Taylor, Craig, and Erika speculating on who will return from the Final Face-Off. Of course, it’s Amy who returns as Michelle was sent home. Keep reading to find out what this week’s challenge will be to test who of the final four have inner beauty to go with their outer good looks…

A game of Truth or Dare ensues, with tickling, a strip show, and food being eaten off of someone’s belly. They head down to the pool where they are greeted with a table full of alcohol! Taylor entertains the others as he drinks, until he finally ends up slipping and falling on the pool deck in a bid to kick a ball.


Judge Vanessa Minillo briefs hosts Carson Kressley and Beth Stern on the challenge for this week. Carson heads to the suite to tell the drunk and half-dressed contestants when they come in from the pool, that they need to dress and go downstairs to be blackjack dealers!

There is a flurry of make-up, hair rollers, coffee-drinking, and burping. Vanessa explains to the hosts as they watch, that the contestants will each ride down in the elevator with a pregnant woman who will appear to smoke – this is a test to see if they will speak up. Taylor says comments on the smoking – he passes. Craig doesn’t care.  Erika tells her it’s not good for the baby, so passes. Amy fails to even notice the pregnant woman in the elevator!


As they head to the blackjack training. A man will be nasty to all the trainers.  They will watch to see if the contestants will stick up for them. Amy shows compassion. Erika also defends the trainer.  Craig doesn’t do a thing to help the trainer, but Taylor intervenes and passes.

They go to the casino to be blackjack dealers. Taylor is more intoxicated than he thought and messes up, Amy is bewildered about the game in general, Erika does a good job, but her boobs are distracting.  Craig starts out confidently, but is stumped when a player wants to split, and it doesn’t improve.

The pit boss names Erika as the winner, and Amy and Craig as the bottom two. That means Taylor is also safe – he and Erika will be in the final. Amy and Craig will have to fight for the remaining spot in the Final Face-Off.


Vanessa tells Carson and Beth that Craig and Amy will be tested one last time on their way to the Final Face-Off.  While they are waiting for the car to pick them up, they will encounter a single mother trying to load her car. Will they take time to help out?  Amy stuns the panel by walking away and doing nothing. We don’t get to see if Craig helps or not, but Vanessa exclaims, “Oh my gosh!”

At the Final Face-Off, Craig and Amy plead their cases.  Carson tells them it was a hard decision, but Craig is safe and can return to the suite.  Amy is told she is going home, and Vanessa appears to explain that there is more to the competition than meets the eye.  Amy is shown the video footage showing her shortcomings, including the final video in which Craig helps the single mother with the baby load up her car, but Amy doesn’t. Amy leaves in tears.

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