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America’s Got Talent: First Twelve Acts Go Live!

July 13, 2010 07:56 PM by Candace Young


After the difficult decision-making process last week, this week in Hollywood, it’s time for the first twelve quarter-finalists to go live on America’s Got Talent‘s on NBC! Nick Cannon says that in order to go on in Hollywood, these acts must impress the judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan and America!  Read on to find out who will perform and which four will go on…

First up are the Kung Fu Heroes to literally kick some butt! Their performance is edgy, hardcore, and riveting, but Piers didn’t find it as enthralling as their audition. Sharon loved it but wants to see more intricate choreography. Howie agrees about the choreography, and wonders how best to market their act.

Christina and Ali, the singing sisters from Idaho who have Cystic Fibrosis, are up next.  In pretty turquoise dresses they perform Bless the Broken Road by Rascall Flatts.  Sharon calls their performance honest, Howie says they are inspirational, and Piers won’t patronize them, saying it’s a talent competition. He tells them they are much improved from the audition.


Airpocalypse, the eighties-style air band, take the stage live. Now equipped with more special effects and girls, the boys rock the audience with a medley of tunes including My Sharona!  Howie says it’s amazing what they can do with absolutely nothing! Piers tells them he’ll buy their live album! Sharon calls them great actors and says their act is fun.

The Hot Shot Tap Dancers are up next. Comprised of three brothers and one sister from Portland Oregon,  they put on a compelling show with a twist of funk! Piers liked the choreography, but felt it needed more ‘oomph’.  Sharon loved it! Howie liked the classic tap with the current music – he thinks they have it!


The next act is Paul Safy Jr., one of the male singer hopefuls.  Paul, from Buffalo New York,  comes out looking dashing in a dark suit and croons Cry Me A River to the crowd, making great eye contact, and trying to really come across. Sharon compliments his tone, but thinks his delivery was a bit cheesy.  Howie likes the style of music, but isn’t sensing a signature sound.  Piers likes cheese, and thinks Paul needs to relax and chill out, then he’ll be fine.

Future Funk, the 5 and 10-year old hip hop dancers are ready to show their stuff.  The absolutely adorable twosome perform some great moves on the floor – and on top of pianos! They generate a standing ‘o’ and the crowd chants their name! Howie says they are great! Piers calls them hysterical, pointing out their star quality! Sharon tells them their act was sensational and amazing!

Sally Cohn, the hand-whistler, admits she’s having one of the most exciting times of her life in Hollywood and says that suddenly everyone wants to be her Facebook friend! Sally hits the stage all gussied up and delivers a solid performance.  Piers asks Sally how she feels – she says ‘jubilant’, adding that her inner kitty cat is purring! Piers says she’s a wonderful inspiration.  Sharon says she’s likely going to bring hand-whistling to the forefront.  Howie thinks the fact that she’s unique and quirky will work in her favor.


Nick Pike, who got called to Hollywood when another danger act had to drop out, now has something to prove.  He’s the guy who walked on broken glass and used fire in his act. Set to heavy metal music, Nick’s act includes him jumping through a ring of fire, juggling fire, doing back flips, riding a unicycle while his hat is on fire, and having his legs set alight! Piers hits his buzzer partway through.  Sharon notes how dangerous the act was, Howie tells him the act has almost too much going on, and Piers admits he wasn’t loving it, calling it a bit of a shambles.

RNG, the hip hop dance group consisting of five young girls, is ready to impress next.  Their performance is set to the song Disturbia and they depict a nightmare in progress. Howie thinks it may not be more than a really good dance recital. Piers agrees, they’re probably not ready to be a headlining act. Sharon tells them the dance was spot on for their age and it was very well done.


Maricar, the unique artist who paints a portrait of herself while in a sensual costume, is prepared to do her whole act underwater tonight – she says she’s scared.  In a blue scuba suit, Maricar paints on the inside of the glass booth underwater. This time, the portrait is Piers!  He tells her he could literally watch her forever. Howie says she has a terrific pair of lungs! Sharon applauds her for making art sexy.

Fighting Gravity are the next contenders to take the stage. The fraternity brothers from Virginia Tech perform in the dark lit only by blacklight. Floating and dancing through the air, they look incredible!  The audience comes to its feet! Howie tells them they blew him away! They’re phenomenal! Sharon says they’re incredible and the prospects for the act are endless! Piers calls it without a doubt the performance of the night!


Nathaniel Kenyon, who is battling a throat infection, will be the last performance of the night. He does sound a little rough, but has the look and style that make the girls scream! Howie, wearing a surgical mask, thinks he did a wonderful job under the circumstances, and feels young ladies will like him. He jokes that Justin Bieber called and wants his hair back. Piers concedes that it wasn’t the best vocal, but says he is becoming a pop star! Sharon says he’s got the ‘it’ factor and she can’t wait to see him in top form!

Selena Gomez and the cast of Rock of Ages perform on tomorrow night’s results show!

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