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Kate Plus Eight: Kate Gosselin Gets Chickens!

July 13, 2010 06:58 PM by Jennifer


With her newly single life, Kate Gosselin must now deal with all aspects of the home and her property on an all new Kate Plus 8 on TLC, and she starts off by adding some new members to the family! Keep reading to find out who!

Kate Gosselin decides that now that her run on Dancing With The Stars is over, she has more time to be home and focus on the kids and household projects! Her first order of business: having two local farmers come to her home and build a chicken coop. We have all seen how Kate Gosselin feels about giving her kids organic foods, and you can’t get much more organicthan to have chickens who will give you eggs. She said she uses 3 – 4 dozen eggs a week, so this will definitely be good on her budget as well.

As the kids get excited helping to put the chicken coop together on this episode of Kate Plus 8 on TLC, , Kate prepares them lunch, where they make a total mes and she has a hard time finding a long enough hose to clean off the patio, and when she does find one it takes a while to work, and she gets frustrated. It is finally sinking in that she has to do the daily chores and upkeep of the house herself, so she needs to know her way around everything.

After lunch was over, Kate returned to the coop, and it was finally complete. Since the chickens showed up before the coop was done, Kate’s neighbor kept them until the coop was finished. When the man finally brings the chickens over, Kate hurries to get them in, and then she lays down the law about the coop. She pulls out a shelf and tells them that whoever disobeys will be the one who cleans the chicken poop off of that shelf. Something tells me after that statement, her kids will be the most behaved kids around!


Her next things to tackle were more things around the home. She saw paparazzi taking pictures of her kids, and her bodyguard talks to her landscaper about making more privacy for the kids to play in their own backyard. She also has had her eye on getting the house power washed since they owned it, and she is finally having that done. She wants to create her own manual in her own words for all of the systems and maintenance in the house that way she can keep up with things, because we know how Kate Gosselin likes to be organized!

The power washer workers let her try out the power-washer, and not only did she get wet, which she didn’t want to do, she actually enjoyed doing it. While all of this is going on, twins Mady and Cara continue to check the chicken coop for eggs. But when Kate goes to the coop to get eggs for dinner, she is horrified to see her rooster is all bloody and was attacked by the female chickens. I guess they can do just fine without a man around as well!

Stay tuned for more episodes of Kate Plus 8 on TLC!

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