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Losing It With Jillian: The Franklin Family

July 13, 2010 08:03 PM by Nancy Floyd


Jillian Michaels is heading to Detroit in tonight’s new episode of Losing It With Jillian! The tough-as-nails trainer faces off with an overweight and unhealthy couple who seem resistant to change. Can Jillian Michaels convince them to get into shape before it’s too late? Keep reading for all of the details on Jillian’s visit with the Franklin family…

Tonight’s new episode of Losing It With Jillian takes tough trainer Jillian Michaels to Detroit, Michigan to work with the Franklin family. Dad Todd is overweight and a binge eater who suffers from serious sleep issues that are so severe his family fears he’ll die in his sleep. Mom Amy used to be healthy and fit after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, but when the business she owned went south, she gained back her weight and started smoking. They have two daughters, 9-year old Lily and 7-year old Chloe who fear for their parents’ health.


The episode begins with Todd and Amy paying a visit to the doctor to gain a better understanding of their health issues. They’re both considerably overweight and Todd is pre-diabetic and on his way to a stroke or major heart attack. Jillian Michaels pays a visit to the Franklin family’s home while they’re out. She finds Amy’s cigarettes, jars of candy, and Todd’s sleep apnea machine. The family is shocked to return home and find Jillian Michaels waiting in their living room, especially since they have no idea they’ve been selected for the show.

Jillian Michaels doesn’t waste anytime ordering the family to change into workout clothes and head to the gym. Amy has an emotional meltdown and simply doesn’t want to be a part of the show, despite the fact that she auditioned for it. She finally pulls it together enough to head to the gym. Jillian Micahels starts working with Todd and quickly realizes that he has absolutely no drive or desire to change his life. He has a rude attitude with Jillian and quits his workout barely after it begins, leaving Amy emotional, resentful, and upset.


Around midnight that evening, Jillian Michaels catches Todd in the kitchen secretly snacking and binge eating. In an effort to help him eliminate the problem, Jillian Michaels gathers the family the next day to throw away all the junk food in the house. Lily and Chloe pull Jillian aside to let her know that their mom is smoking. Jillian Michaels takes the two girls outside to confront Amy about her smoking addiction. After hearing her daughters express their concern, Amy makes a vow to quit smoking and lets the girls bury her last cigarette.

Next, Jillian Michaels takes Todd and Amy to the gym for separate workouts. Todd quits in the middle of his boxing workout and Jillian Michaels has absolutely no tolerance. She leaves him alone so she can focus on Amy, hoping to get results from her. Jillian is able to get Amy to open up emotionally about the strains in her relationship with Todd and her own weight struggles. Amy fears that Todd didn’t like her when she was fit and healthy and if she gets in shape now, he could potentially leave her. Jillian wants Amy to toughen up and start standing up for herself.


At the end of the day, Jillian Michaels is feeling frustrated and challenged by Todd’s attitude and apathy. She’s hoping that a bowling excursion with Todd and his friends will allow her to learn more about the people in his life. She quickly realizes that Todd’s friends are genuinely concerned for him and want to help him change his life, but Todd seems to enjoy the attention . For him, being the screw-up has been a way to garner love and attention from others.

The next morning, Jillian Michaels takes Amy out for coffee so the two can enjoy some quality time together. In her absence, Jillian Michaels sends Todd out to get a “healthy and balanced lunch from Subway.” (How much does Subway pay for these merciless plugs?) During their time together, Jillian Michaels learns how important yoga used to be to Amy and wants to find her another class to join.


Afterwards, Jillian Michaels takes Todd and Amy to the boxing ring to get in a workout and vent their frustrations. While they’re in the ring, working up a sweat, they fight about what they want to see in one another. During their exchange, Amy threatens to leave Todd if he refuses to change his lifestyle. Jillian Michaels hopes the ultimatum is the motivation that Todd needs to make a change.

Back at the house, Jillian Michaels prepares healthy, low-fat brownies with Lily and Chloe to teach them that eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up everything you love. That night, Todd and Amy are preparing dinner for their family and friends, while Jillian Michaels is attacked by children of all ages. During the meal, Jillian Michaels asks Todd’s friends to be honest with him about what they’re feeling. The discussion gets really emotional as everyone shares their fears and concerns about Todd’s health and future. It seems that Jillian Michaels’ last-ditch effort to get through to Todd has worked. Finally, he seems eager to make a change in his own life.


On Jillian Michaels’s last day, she leaves Todd home alone while she takes Amy to yoga. It’s a test for Todd to see what he does and impressively, he decides to call his friend to head to the gym together for a swim. Meanwhile, Amy thrives in her yoga class and is brought to tears of joy. Afterwards, Jillian Michaels takes Todd to the park with his daughters, Lily and Chloe, so that he can make commitments to them about his health and fitness.

After six weeks, Jillian Michaels returns to Detroit to see how Todd and Amy have progressed without her. At Lily’s 10th birthday party, Todd and Amy are making their big reveal. Todd is the first to debut his new self and he looks much healthier, having lost 33 pounds. He also no longer needs his sleep apnea machine. Afterwards, Amy appears, looking svelte and confident. She’s kicked her smoking habit and has lost 17 pounds. Jillian is proud of their hard work and as a reward, she starts college funds for their two daughters.

Next week on Losing It With Jillian, Jillian Michaels works with an overweight couple whose 9-year old son seems to be following in their unhealthy footsteps.

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