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Big Brother 12: Friends In The House?

July 14, 2010 06:57 PM by Ryan Haidet


The saboteur did nothing obvious to sabotage the game in tonight’s episode of Big Brother 12 until the very end.  That’s when they revealed to the house that everybody in the house may not be who they seem — some of them may actually know each other.  Yes, you read that right.  More on this later.  One other thing — if you’re a true fan of reality television, chew on this tidbit of trivia.  One of the 13 houseguests this season was featured on a different reality show on NBC a few years ago.  Read on to find out who it is…

As host Julie Chen would say, “But first,” after Brendon and Rachel were nominated for eviction, the pair left the living room together and talked about the mess they were currently in.  Brendon started to get upset about the thought of getting eliminated first.  “If nothing more, I met you,” Brendon told Rachel.  It brought a big smile to her face — until Annie and Lane rushed into their private chat.  Ooooo.  Things are getting good!


Annie said she was shocked and sad about the nominations, but in a confessional she said it was important to be careful how much she interacts with them.  Moments later Enzo joined them in the room, and he quickly became suspicious of Annie and the way she seems to play everybody.  He thought she was on Brendon and Rachel’s side for sure.

Later that night, oustide with Hayden and Lane, Enzso said he thought Annie had an alliance with the two nominees.  Hayden was surprised and said he now needed to be careful around her.

True Chemistry

As the two nominees were laying in the hammock, Brendon got emotional thinking about his possible elimination.  Rachel told him not to be sad, and vowed she would take him off the chopping block if she won the Power Of Veto.  What?!?!  I hate stupid strategists.  We have a winner!  Anyway, he asked her if she would go out on a date with him after the competition is over.  Duh!  Rachel was thrilled at the idea.  Then they pulled the covers over their heads and started making out as the rest of the house stared at their actions from inside the kitchen.


The next day, Brendon joined Hayden in the HOH bedroom and said he was going to fight hard to win the POV.  He refused to campaign against Rachel and told Hayden he would be worried if he wins the POV and comes off the block.  Brendon promised Hayden that he would give him his word if he had the chance to stay in the competition.  Then Brendon pitched a final four alliance between the two of them along with Annie and one other person.  This just confirmed Hayden’s worries that Annie was close to the nominees, which sparked anger in Hayden who wants them all out of the house.  No deal seemed possible.


Pounding Pinatas For Power

Remember, only six players compete in the POV competition — the two nominees, the HOH and three other players selected at random.  Hayden picked Enzo, Brendon picked Andrew and Rachel picked Monet.  After the POV players were selected, Enzo, Hayden and Matt joined together in the HOH bedroom and concocted a plan to backdoor Annie if they needed to.

Later on in the day, Brendon went back up to the HOH bedroom to get more perspective on the situation from Hayden.  Brendon told him that if he won the POV and took himself off the block that he would be gunning for him immediately.  Hayden wasn’t budging and enemies were born.  “I will win.  I will win,” Brendon said in his bedroom alone after leaving the HOH bedroom.

For the POV competition, the houseguests gathered outside to find dozens of pinatas hanging in the backyard.  Using a club the contestants had to pound apart the pinatas, which were filled with rotten mayonnaise and a card with a letter on it.  After 10 minutes, the person with the longest correctly spelled word constructed from the collected letters would win the Power Of Veto.

My first thought:  This is perfect for Rachel and Brendon who are obviously smart people.  Hayden might be good at pounding open the pinatas, but when it comes to the real guts of the contest I don’t think he can spell to save his life.  After the 10 minutes expired, every player revealed their words.  Hayden spelled “possible.”  OK.  I guess he can spell something.  Enzo spelled “factory.”  Rachel spelled “chemistry.”  This put her in the lead with nine letters.  Monet spelled “cheaters,” but that wasn’t good enough to top Rachel.  Brendon spelled “understanding.”  With that he took the lead.  Andrew came up with “pasteurized,” but he had misspelled it and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since it couldn’t top Brendon’s 13 letters.

With that, Brendon won the POV.

A New Scheme

Now, the Brigade’s plans were busted.  Brendon won safety with the POV, and now the foursome had to figure out what to do next.  “I say we backdoor Annie,” Enzo told Matt.  So he pitched the plan to Hayden.

Matt, Hayden and Enzo grabbed Britney and told her the plan to backdoor Annie.  Later on though, Britney told Annie everything Hayden said about her.  This sparked some fury in Annie who went straight to Hayden to question him.  Hayden didn’t deny the story, but didn’t tell her everything either.

Life-Long Friends

Later on in the day, the saboteur came back on the screen.  This time with information.  “When you all entered the house, you introduced yourselves as strangers, but I’m here to tell you that two of you are actually life-long friends.  And if you think about it, it’s actually quite easy to figure out.”  The screen flickered off and the paranoia began.  Brendon tossed out the idea that the saboteur was lying, but many other people were worried it might be true.  Britney thought Annie and Matt might know each other.  Andrew thought Matt might be gay and in a relationship with Ragan.


Whether or not this is true, I have no idea.  But I do know that Matt has dabbled in reality television before.  As I was watching tonight’s episode, a personal pal of mine sent me an instant message asking if I knew Matt was a former reality star.  And it’s true.  Matt was last seen on NBC‘s fourth season of Average Joe.  Could this be a hint at the identity of the saboteur?  Could it be Matt?  He hasn’t been showcased doing too many sneaky things yet.  He’s a smart dude, too.  Just a thought.

A New Nominee

At the POV ceremony, Brendon expectedly used the power to save himself.  That put Hayden in the position to nominate a houseguest in his place.  And again, as expected, Annie was put up on the chopping block next to Rachel.  “I’m sorry, Annie.  I really am,” Annie said.

The first live eviction takes place Thursday night, which is also when America learns the identity of the saboteur.


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