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Real World: Mardi Gras Hook-Ups!

July 14, 2010 08:29 PM by Jennifer


Mardi Gras is in full effect on tonight’s Real World on MTV! As the roommates party it up, Knight is still trying his hardest to sleep with Jemmye, and Ryan realizes that McKenzie plays games. They give new meaning to the term the Big Easy! Keep reading to hear the juicy details!

As the beads are flying on Bourbon Street, Knight is still on his quest to be the first “white guy” that Jemmye sleeps with. All the roommates even have bets on when and if it would happen. As the group goes out and drinks, Jemmye gets very flirty with Knight, but it did not go down as he thought it would that night. Preston, however, met a guy named Maxwell at the club and ended up bringing him home, even though he likes a guy who calls himself the “Big thang” While he is in bed with Maxwell, the other guy calls!! Luckily, Eric told him that Preston was asleep. But the next night, Preston sleeps withwith Big Thang,

Ryan is still into McKenzie, but she she flirts with him and then backs off when he wants to cuddle with her. But when her friend Suze comes to town on tonight’s Real World on MTV! , the both of them flirt with Ryan and he flirts back, but he realizes that McKenzie is confused and plays games. During the night, he ends up making out with Suze, and McKenzie gets pissed and says her friend is being rude and disrespectful for hanging out with Ryan. McKenzie keeps trying to get Suze to go home because she seems jealous that she is hooking up with Ryan.


Knight screws up big time when Jemmye is starting to get into him at the bar, and some random girl comes up and starts talking to him, which makes Jemmye super jealous. He is caught in a hard spot, she is pissed but also really drunk. He is more of a babysitter than in bed with her where he wants to be. When they get back to the house, she starts crying when she can’t find Knight in the house, because he is hiding from her, and then she gets on the phone with her mom crying hysterical, and Knight has to get on the phone and assure her mom that she is okay.

As Preston keeps hooking up in the house, Ryan is grossed out by it, and they think it is because people sometime mistake Ryan for being gay. I even thought he was the gay person in the house before they said that Preston was gay. Ryan and Preston get into an argument, like they did on the first night, and Preston tells Ryan that he is not an attractive man!! That night, Ryan also gets pissed at McKenzie because she was trying to get her friend Suze to go home and not hang out with Ryan. But Ryan is able to squeeze her in the car, and he and Suze sneak around in the house, and they end up in bed together. What’s worse is that her friend leaves in the morning without saying goodbye to her!

Speaking of more crazy bed action on Real World on MTV! , Jemmye decides that it is finally the night to make Knight’s dreams come true, and they end up in bed together!! I am telling you, they need to come up with a job for these people to do, because it seems as though they have nothing better to do than to get in bed with everyone! I hope next week, they actually get out and experience other things besides each others sheets! I mean wake up people, it’s Mardi Gras!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM for another episode of Real World on MTV! See you after the show!

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