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Top Chef: Crabs And A Farm Feast

July 14, 2010 07:57 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Top Chef on Bravo, the remaining twelve chefs are put to two more tough challenges: cooking with crabs and a farm feast! But with twists and turns along the way this will prove not as easy as it seems for some contestants. Keep reading to find out who scores big and who is left packing their knives!

As the chefs regroup from their last challenge on Top Chef on Bravo, we are starting to see bonds and friendships form as Angelo mentors Tamesha, and Ed and Tiffany strike up a friendship. But soon it’s time for their quickfire challenge and they head out to the kitchen. Joined by five star chef Patrick O’Connell, Padma announced that the contestants will be cooking a dish with Maryland crabs for their challenge. The winner of the challenge will receive immunity in the elimination challenge.

As the chefs scramble to come up with unique crab dishes, Tim is confident that his simple crab plate will win since he is from Maryland and knows all about crabs. Kenny decides to take a risk and show how strong a competitor he is by creating three separate crab dishes on one plate. Kenny’s risk paid off as Patrick O’Connell announces he is one of the top dishes, along with Angelo, who created a crab broth with some asian spices and Ed, who did a Thai inspired crab dish with mango. In the end, Tim’s crab knowledge did not help him as he did not end up in top, but at least he didn’t end up in the bottom either which was occupied by Kevin, Andrea and Amanda. Surprisingly, the winner of the quickfire was neither Angelo nor Kenny, but Ed, giving Ed his first win ever on the show!


Next up on Top Chef on Bravo was the elimination challenge which would take the contestants to an organic farm in Virginia. Easy enough, right? Not so easy for the chefs who would have to cook as team, creating at least six dishes with ingredients from the farm. In another twist of events, Padma informed the contestants that they would not know what the ingredients were until the next day when they would arrive at the farm and cook on grills in the outdoors for some local chefs and farmers. They would also have supplies stacked in the back of the minivans for them, but they would also not be allowed near those until they were ready to cook the next day!

The contestants spent the night thinking and arguing, and thinking….and arguing some more about how they were going to work as a team on the farm challenge and who was going to cook what. Kenny and Angelo could not seem to agree on how to do things, but most of the contestants went with Kenny’s idea of working in teams of two as they did the week prior to create a dish. Ed was a little unhappy with this arrangement as he was not wanting to work with Alex, but Tiffany instead….but hey, when you have immunity, who cares, right?


The next day was chaos when the chefs arrived at the farm and they were hurrying to get their ingredients before anyone else could. Things finally seemed to settle down and the chefs were hard at work, until someone spilled Kevin’s cauliflower that he was going to use for a cauliflower cous cous. Annoyed but using some quick thinking, Kevin decided to use broccoli instead because there was no cauliflower left, but he worried whether or not his risk would pay off.

After enjoying a beautiful outdoor dining experience, it was time for the judges along with guest judge Patrick O’Connell to head back to the critic’s table on Top Chef on Bravo. First they brought in Kelly, Andrea, Kenny and Kevin who were deemed the top contestants in this challenge. Kelly and Andrea did a grilled pork with roasted beets and apples while Kenny and Kevin did a sweet and sour eggplant with the broccoli cous cous. It was Kenny, however who impressed the judges the most with his sweet and sour eggplant and he ended up winning the challenge.

Then it was time to bring the worst chefs of this challenge and in that group were Steven, who did a way overdone salad; Amanda, who made a minestrone soup with no pasta and undercooked carrots; and Tim who did roasted turnips that were very bland and unappealing to the judges. Tim should have stuck with his original idea to puree the turnips, instead of leaving them chopped and throwing in some asparagus as he was asked to pack his knives and leave. Best of luck to Tim! Be sure to tune in next week for another new episode of Top Chef on Bravo!

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