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Work of Art: An Outdoor Experience

July 14, 2010 08:00 PM by alison.bills


This week on Work of Art: The Next Great Artist , the artists must team up to create massive outdoor installations. But things get dramatic when one artist lashes out on another.

The contestants go to an outdoor place, and learn that they’ll be creating a structure in an outdoor space. They’ll be split into two teams and have two days to create their piece.

Miles takes the lead in his group with Erik, Jaclyn and Peregonie. He creates an idea of a fort, which would allow the viewers to experience it in several levels.

Nicole takes charge of the other group with Abdi, Mark and Ryan, and encourages the artists to “feel” the space.

They head back to the workroom to explore the supplies. Nicole finds some gravel that she loves, and they decide to create a fun giant geometric shape.

They groups get to work, and have to work with plywood.  They work until midnight, and then head back to the house.

The next day, the artists continue working. Miles group, with the curved seat, continues to work on the curve. Ryan and Mark work on their actual structure, while Abdi and Nicole work on the smaller parts of their piece. Ryan, whose father is a carpenter, proves that he doesn’t have any carpenter skills. On the other hand, Miles seems to be an expert carpenter, of course.


There’s tension between Miles, Jaclyn, Peregrine and Erik. Simon de Pury stops by, and lets them know that they will be judged as individual tomorrow. Simon tells Nicole’s group that they need to figure out how they’re going to work all the pieces together. For Miles’ group, Simon says the structure is very attractive. Erik is clearly concerned that he doesn’t have enough input in his group.

Erik accuses Miles for being an “actor” and playing the tortured artists role. Miles, Jaclyn and Peregrine argue with Erik for a while, and it seems unclear if he’ll continue to work with the group.

Next, the artists have to move their giant structures into an elevator to head out to the trucks to ship them to the location. The elevators prove difficult for both groups.  Eric continues to throw his tantrum.

At home, Erik reveals that Jaclyn hands him this note giving him advice for dealing with the group. Is she on his side and afraid of Miles?

The next day, the artists head to the site to finish up their structures. Erik comes out with a better attitude, and helps out. But Miles continues to dictate the group.

Nicole’s group finishes early, and Miles group struggles to rush through finishing it.


The judges arrive, and it’s time for them to explore the work.  The judges then ask the artists to talk about their pieces.  Miles group talk, but Erik says he doesn’t care about the piece. The judges ask him why not, and he stumbles through an answer.

For Nicole’s group, they get along really well, and you can see that in the way they talk. They emphasize that their piece was about appreciating the sky.

Then, everyone heads back to the studio for more questions. The Blue team, Miles’ team, is up first. Erik calls out Jaclyn’s note, and attacks her. He comes off really cruel. Miles attacks him back, saying he’s insecure. It’s an embarrassing display in front of the judges. The judges stop the arguing, and talk about the piece. The judges inform them that they pointed the structure at the exact spot where the Twin Towers fell, which the artists had no idea about.

As the other group goes in for their critique, Erik continues the argument. Jaclyn says she feels that Erik doesn’t deserve to be there. Erik yells at them, and they leave him by himself.

The other group’s critique seems to go smoother. The judges say that they were impressed with the piece, and that it seemed like a modern Stonehenge.

The judges announce the winner and it’s the Red team! Nicole, Mark, Abdi and Ryan are very happy with their win. The judges let the team pick the winner, and they pick Nicole, but she will not receive immunity.

This means that the Blue team is the losers. Jaclyn has immunity and Peregrine is safe, so it’s not looking good for Miles and Erik. Miles is saved, so Erik has to go home, which is pretty predictable after the temper-tantrum he threw.  He can’t even be nice to his three teammates when he says goodbye.

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