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Big Brother 12: Saboteur’s Identity Revealed

July 15, 2010 06:36 PM by Ryan Haidet


It’s day 13 inside the house and it’s the unlucky number for one houseguest as the first live eviction on Big Brother 12 struck tonight.  Annie and Rachel were up on the chopping block after Brendon used the Power Of Veto to save himself.  In addition to the eviction, we also learned the identity of the saboteur — this season’s big twist that’s supposed to bring us weeks of fun and giggles.  Or maybe not…

Angry Annie

After the POV ceremony, Annie was angry with Britney since she believed she was spreading rumors about her supposed allies in the house.  Then Annie turned her nasty feelings toward Brendon calling their alliance into question.  All this did was bring excitement to the Brigade guys because Annie’s actions almost guaranteed that people would vote against her.  Later on, Annie pulled Brendon aside to talk to him about her feelings.  She broke down and cried trying to explain how the situation was making her feel.  He kindly wiped her tears away and gave her a huge hug.


But that hug was nothing in comparison to what he gave Rachel moments later.  He joined her alone and hid under the covers once again as they made out.  As they were swappin’ spit, Brendon stopped to talk to Rachel about the heartfelt chat the two of them had.  He revealed that his feelings were hurt in the Annie drama, and Rachel was upset with him for talking about it.  “How do you think I feel Brendon?  How am I supposed to react?”

Secret Identity

It didn’t take long for the saboteur’s identity to be revealed — it was Annie!  The most-likely target for elimination this week.  Boy, oh boy!  How exciting Big Brother!  Thanks for such a terrible idea for a twist!



Annie’s antics were showcased to let us in on how she sabotaged the game so far.  We got to see the moment in which she placed the lock on the storage room door.  We also got to watch her place the green “X” marks over Britney and Kathy’s images on the Memory Wall.  Then Annie hid sound makers in some bedrooms to keep people awake all night.  Hysterical.  OK, not so much.


The screen flickered in the living room as Annie our saboteur had another message for the contestants.  “Hello houseguests, you’re not rid of me yet.  Hayden, nice try.  I escaped the block this week.  Better luck next time.”  This statement brought more suspicions against Brendon who actually “escaped” eviction by saving himself with the POV.


Fighting To Stay

Outside in the backyard, Annie campaigned for herself saying it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to keep the strongest pair (Brendon and Rachel) in the game together.  Annie told the group that Brendon is a liar who is more than just a swim coach.  Just a few days prior, he had told her and Rachel that he’s also a scientist.  This caused concerns for keeping the dastardly duo of Rachel and Brendon together.  Although Brendon may be safe from eviction this week, the group could still cut deep by voting out his strongest ally.

See Ya!

The time for the live eviction arrived.  Annie spoke to the group first, making a strong argument when she said that if Rachel stays in the house that Brendon will sail through the game.  She said to take Rachel out now, which would hurt Brendon in the long run.  After Annie sat down, Rachel took her turn saying it was a fun week even though she spent it on the chopping block.  She thanked everybody for being her friend and then sat back down.  After their comments, the houseguests finally voted for the first time.


And it wasn’t even close — it was a landslide against Annie.  Every single person who voted turned their ballot against Annie.  Seems to me like our saboteur, who was supposed to be playing everybody in the house, was played harder than she ever expected.

Rant time?  Sure!

This is where I hate lame twists like this.  CBS wanted us to have a summer filled with laughs as Annie rushed around the house causing paranoia and problems from the rest of the cast.  Her task was to make it just five weeks into the competition while conducting acts of sabotage.  If she achieved that goal, which actually didn’t seem all that tough with producers on her side, Annie would have walked away with $50,000.  In giving us a lame twist, which was the big promotional push all pre-season, now we’re left at square one.  I bet the producers are scrambling tonight to bring us more elements of their favorite phrase, “Expect the unexpected,” because the saboteur fell flat on its face.

Annie Out

After the votes were revealed, Annie quickly stood up from the chair, grabbed her bag, offered a few hugs and walked out of the house.  During her exit interview, Annie said she believed she played the game too hard, which resulted in her demise.  Annie said the other houseguests weren’t smart in keeping Rachel in the house because she predicts they will make it through the game just like Jeff and Jordan did last season.  Annie also said that Brendon is the strongest player in the house, because of the fact he was able to convince everybody to keep his strongest ally.

Although she may be out of the house, Annie said she still has one trick of sabotage up her sleeve.  My thoughts?  Just leave.  We don’t need anymore lame tricks.  The twist was terrible and already outplayed.  Move on.  Forget it.

Our New Head Of Household

In the live HOH competition, it was a simple question and answer game in which the goal of the contestants was to answer with the majority.  After several silly questions, it came down to just three players — Britney, Rachel and Monet.  Their final question was a number problem.  The contestant with the guess closest to the actual answer without going over would win the power for the week.  The question was, how many gallons of caramel were in the pool during the Haves and Have-Nots challenge?  Britney said 41.  Rachel said 80.  Monet said 725.  It was in the 300 range, so Rachel jumped with joy after claiming victory.


Ah, from nominee to powerful.  Amazing how this game works.  Too bad the saboteur twist wasn’t so smooth.

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