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Big Brother 12: Things Are Gettin’ Catty!

July 18, 2010 06:37 PM by Ryan Haidet


After this season’s twist of sabotage was spoiled in the first elimination with Annie getting evicted, tonight’s episode of Big Brother 12 started with Brendon admitting the truth.  He came clean about his real background like Annie said he was lying about.  He admitted that he was more than a swim coach and is a scientist as well.  But that was far from a big deal.  There are two young villains waiting in the wings to play the game their own way.

An Eruption Of Celebration

After Rachel won Head Of Household, Andrew was jumping up and down up with excitement, which caught some of the other contestants by surprise.   He wasn’t the only person thrilled with the victory, Rachel was so happy to be able to use her power this week to keep herself and her showmance partner, Brendon, safe from eviction.  She jumped up into his arms and the two embraced in huge hugs and wet kisses.


Britney and Monet questioned Andrew on his actions after the HOH competition.  They thought he was very rude in his excited reaction when Rachel won the challenge.  Andrew argued that he actually has a chance in the competition with Rachel and Brendon.  But the two girls wanted nothing to do with it and everybody agreed to disagree.

More Love

A new romance started forming between Hayden and Kristen.  In a confessional, he admitted that she is more of a challenge than other girls, but was really digging her.  They sat outside and Hayden nervously bit his fingernails as he chatted with his latest crush.  And although she was playing hard to get, Kristen was all about Hayden’s attention.


But there was no love from Britney and Monet as they were outside soaking up the sun.  “I hate him,” Monet said as she stared at Andrew working out.  “I think I might have better abs than he has.”  Then they turned their attention to Rachel.  Britney was poking fun at Rachel.  They have become quite possibly the nastiest duo in Big Brother history.  Catty.


Deal Or No Deal?

Hayden went up to the HOH bedroom to offer his advice and chat strategy with Rachel.  He suggested she nominate Britney for eviction, and Rachel didn’t seem to think it was a bad idea.  Then Hayden admitted his feelings for Kristen, which sparked Rachel to invite him into her alliance.  He quickly said it wasn’t a good idea because he believed they would become huge targets.

A Sticky Situation

Outside in the backyard, the houseguests gathered for the Haves and Have-Nots competition.  Separated in three groups, the 12 contestants had to pick one player from each team to tape to a brick wall that was laying flat on the ground.  After 10 minutes of taping, the brick wall tilted up.  The team that stayed up the longest would get to choose which four people to punish for the week.

Ragan was the first to fall off the wall, but as the competition continued, Britney started to panic when the tape wrapped around her neck.  Everybody had to help rip her down.  And when the orange team had to select who to put in the Have-Nots room for the week, they picked the entire green team, which was composed of Britney, Monet, Enzo and Brendon.

No More Sabotage

The screen in the living room kicked on with a new message from the saboteur.  They all excitedly rushed into the living room to see what the person had to say next.  As the garbled voice started speaking, the screen quickly flickered and Annie was revealed to the house as the saboteur.  Everybody erupted into huge cheers after learning they had successfully ousted the rat in the first week.


Fake & Phony

Britney and Rachel had a private chat in the HOH bedroom, which seemed very awkward.  Britney promised Rachel safety next week if she wasn’t targeted this week.  She tried to plant the seed in Rachel’s head that Andrew acted out of character when he celebrated after the HOH competition.  Then it was Monet’s turn to plead her case to Rachel.  Monet told her everything she wanted to hear, too.  It was amazing to me to watch these two girls suck up to Rachel.  The pair who had been tanning in the backyard while calling everybody else in the house “fake” were becoming the most phony people in the game.  They’re goofy.

No Shocker

At the Nomination Ceremony, Rachel went the obvious route and targeted Monet and Britney for eviction.  No surprises here.  Rachel explained to the group that she targeted Britney based on her alliances, and Monet because she won $10,000 from the first competition.


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