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The Next Food Network Star: Frank Sinatra Challenge!

July 18, 2010 08:14 PM by Jennifer


The contestants are dwindling down on an all new episode of The Next Food Network Star. Tonight the contestants must make dishes inspired by Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. Who will be sent packing tonight? Keep reading to see!

On an all new episode of The Next Food Network Star, the chef’s are each given a picnic basket with three ingredients and a theme, and they must create a bite of a dish and present it on camera. The purpose is to check who has expertise in entertaining. The contestants draw themes anywhere from a sweet sixteen to a guy’s night playing poker. They are given thirty minutes to cook their meal. The winner of the challenge gets to make a presentation on a brand new cooking channel. five year oldbirthday party. She decides to make a chorizo taquito,which is crazy because no five year oldis going to eat that! Brad made food for a bachelorette party, a crostini with orange vodka dressing, and he did great in front of the camera. Aarti finished with time to spare, andTom made an almond crusted croque Monsieur (something I have never heard of before), and not only did he do well in front of the camera, the selection committee loved his dish. Herb made a turkey burger with pickle and ginger relish. Not only did he not finish in time, he did not give any tips during his presentation. Brianna presents her taquitos, but she tries to play it off by giving a tip saying how to make cupcakes for the kids and have the mom’s eat the taquitos, which was wrong. The committee said the food was supposed to be for the five year old’s birthday, so she did not skate her way out of that one. Serena made a crustino with a smoky steak on top. Although her food was good, she stumbled in front of the camera.

After the selection committee, made up of Bobby Flay, Giada DeLaurentiis, Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson, tasted all of the dishes on this episode of The Next Food Network Star, Tom and Brad were declared the winners, and Brianna was at the bottom of the list for the way she tried to play off her dish. As a reward, Tom and Brad not only get to give cooking tips on the cooking channel, they also get an advantage in the Star Challenge. when the chefs arrive for the challenge, they are surprised to see a table filled with all American dishes from the fifties, and then in walks Ted Allen, the host of Chopped. For this challenge, they must reinvent a classic dish with a modern twist, and serve the dish at the former home of Frank Sinatra at a dinner attended by Maile Carpenter, Editor in Chief of Food Network Magazine,Cal Fussman, Editor at Large of Esquire Magazine, Bobby Flay, Susie Fogelson and Bob Tuschman. Their dishes must also be inspired by Frank Sinatra

Since Tom and Brad won the camera challenge, they get to pick the dishes they want to do first. Tom picks the Lobster Thermador, and Brad chooses Chicken cordon Bleu. But they also get to chose a dish for each of their competitors. Aria gets pigs in a blanket, Brianna gets Tuna Noodle Casserole, Aarti gets deviled eggs, and Serena gets Pineapple Upside down cake,

Aria is first to present her dish, and when she presents them with her version of pigs in blanket, they are not impressed to see that she made fried shrimp with caviar to dip, and totally did not use pork. In Tom’s attempt to make a lobster napoleon, he forgets to oil the grill, and his lobster completely sticks to it and it comes off in chunks. When he finally plates his dish, and when the judges taste it, Bobby Flay likes it. Aarti made an egg curry over rice pilaf. She is not used to making fancy dishes, and her downfall may be that Susie Fogelson had no curry on her dish. Although Brianna doesn’t like the dish she was given, she tries to make the best of it. But her attempt goes up in smoke when she burns the mushrooms she was going to use to top her dish. The judges liked her dish, but she presented it badly. Herb’s beef stroganoff spinoff wasn’t a big hit with them either. Serena’s interpretation of pineapple upside down cake did not go over well, she used frozen puffed pastry.. Brad’s chicken cordon bleu interpretation consisted of bacon wrapped chicken with proscuitto, and his personality won them over without them even tasting his dish.

After the judges deliberate, there can only be one winner, and Brad was it, which was no surprise. Someone also had to be the least liked, and would be going home. It was down to Herb, Aarti and Brianna. When Bobby Flay, Susie Fogelson and Bob Tuschman talk about who should go, they have good and bad to say about all three. They decide that it is Brianna’s time to go. Who will be the next one to go home, and who will be The Next Food Network Star?

Tune in next Sunday at 9 PM for another episode of The Next Food Network Star!  See you after the show!!

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