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Dance Your Ass Off: Ballroom Dancing

July 19, 2010 10:54 PM by alison.bills


This week on Dance Your Ass Off, the dancers are challenged to handle ballroom dancing, with some of the most technical and demanding dances yet. But their fitness routine and weight loss are helping to improve their dancing skills by leaps and bounds.

While the contestants are chilling in the back room, Mel B shows up at the house, and asks the contestants to come to the stage. There, they see judge Lisa Ann dancing ballroom with a very handsome partner. Mel B and Lisa Ann reveal that this week’s challenge is indeed ballroom. Now that it’s down to only seven contestants, the competition is tough. Lisa Ann gives them some advice for this week’s challenge: “Princess on top, downstairs it’s prostitute.”

At rehearsals, the contestants try to learn the challenging steps. Corey, who’s looking in much better shape, does some great lifts.

At this week’s workout, Michael admits to the cameras that he wants to beat Latoya. Then, as a pleasant surprise, the contestants get packages from home. It’s bittersweet for them because they like the gifts, but they’re also very homesick. Erica’s letter from her husband surprises her because her husband says that he’s been having health problems. She calls her husband to find out more.

The contestants are nervous as they wait for their turn to perform, but also excited. Mel B greets the audience,  and then it’s time to dance. Adamme is up first, with a Paso Doble. It’s a very dramatic dance, with lifts and some sexy skirt pulling. The judges love him again. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t win the show. He gets an overall score of 8.3.


Stephanie is up next, with the jive. She’s got a fast-paced dance, and does it well. She looks confident. The judges criticize her for not picking up her feet enough, but they still loved the routine. She also gets an overall score of 8.3.

Katie, who has lost 25 pounds already, is doing a waltz with her partner. It’s much slower than the other dancer, and comes off a little boring. The lift is a little painful to watch. The judges agree that it didn’t quite have the energy and grace needed.  She gets a pretty low score.

Erica is up next, and says she’s doing this for her family, so she can bring the weight-loss advice home. Her dance has stumbles, and is really low-energy. It is not good. The judges also say there wasn’t a tight ballroom pose. They do praise her arms, but point out her missteps. The overall score is a 6.7.

Corey has already lost 41 pounds. He dances the foxtrot with his partner. It’s a very romantic routine, and Corey looks very grown-up and fit. He looks much lighter on his toes. The judges praise him for coming out of his shell and keeping to the theme. He gets an overall score of 8.


Michael starts out by saying that he does not ballroom dance, but he has the posture for it. He and his partner dance the Viennese Waltz to Lady Gaga’s song “Paparazzi.”  It looks like this might be the dance for him! He looks comfortable, confident and strong. The judges finally give him some words of praise. They say he had strong lines and great posture. He receives an 8 overall.

Latoya, ever confident, is sure this is her week. She dances a tango with her partner. The music is a strange choice, but she proves once gain that she has great lines. It’s not a super exciting routine, however. The judges are happy with it. They call it sexy and ambitious. They praise her chemistry. She gets an overall score of 9.

Next, it’s time for the weigh-ins. Latoya is currently at the top based on the dance scores, while Katie is on the bottom. Latoya, Corey and Michael have the three highest total scores, and they’re up for weigh-ins first to find out who will be tonight’s winner.

Corey lost 7.8 pounds this week. Michael lost 6.7 pounds, which means he beats Corey’s overall score and could be the winner. Latoya lost 3.2 pounds, which means that Michael is the winner for this week. However, there is no immunity this week, so he doesn’t win anything. They should give him a prize or something.


Adamme who has immunity, is up next. He becomes the first contestant to lose 50 pounds overall! Stephanie is next, and becomes upset when she loses less than two pounds. She could be going home.

Erica may also be going home if her score is lower than Stephanie’s. Erica’s overall score is lower, so her only hope to stay is if Katie’s score is even lower. She’s already crying as she steps up to the scale. In a surprise, she lost enough to stay, and Erica is sent home. There’s lots of crying.

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