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The Bachelorette: Tahiti Overnight Dates and Frank’s Bombshell!

July 19, 2010 06:54 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky is heading to Tahiti for overnight dates with the remaining three bachelors, but Frank may arrive bearing potentially devastating news. Keep reading to find out what happens in this heartbreaking and dramatic episode…

Chris prepares to see Ali in Tahiti. He talks about how he is falling in love with her, and how he has to prepare himself for the possibility that Ali may wind up with one of the other two men.

Roberto feels great going into the Tahiti stage of the show. He was really pleased with the way things went when he introduced Ali to his family, and thinks they are building toward something good.  He also acknowledges the looming uncertainty.

Frank packs for Tahiti, admitting to the cameras that he has thought he would be Ali’s final guy right from their first date. He says he has fallen in love with Ali, but something is holding him back – feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Nicole, who he may still be in love with as well. Frank is truly torn. Frank decides he has to go to Chicago to see Nicole and figure things out before he goes to Tahiti.


In Chicago, Frank makes his way to Nicole’s apartment to try to determine if he is still in love with her, saying if he moves forward with Ali, he needs to be 100% sure.  Frank’s ex lets him in and they sit down on the sofa. Frank tells the girl that Ali knows nothing about her, or about him being there.  He explains that he has a good connection with Ali. Nicole tells him she’s sickened by the idea of him with somebody else.  Frank says he’s had feelings for her throughout the process.  Nicole tells Frank he completes her, and that he needs to come home. Frank grins, having realized Nicole is the girl he wants to be with for the rest of his life.  He tells Nicole he has to go to Tahiti and tell Ali.

In Tahiti, Ali arrives on a boat and makes her way to her accommodations happily. She is optimistic about the overnight dates and taking her relationships to the next level.  Her first date is with Roberto, who she imagines will look even hotter in Tahiti.


Roberto is thrilled to be in Tahiti and welcomes Ali to his ‘casa’ with open arms. They share a couple of kisses and she leads him to a helicopter! Once in the air, Roberto kisses her some more and thinks about proposing. They land and go for a picnic at a heart-shaped lagoon. Stripped down to swimsuits, Roberto and Ali have a make-out session in the water.

Later, Ali and Roberto meet up again, dressed for dinner.  Roberto is nervous about baring his feelings, and the sweat on his forehead is evident as he manages to tell her he’s falling in love with her. Ali lights up and they kiss. She produces the invitation and key to the fantasy suite. Roberto and Ali agree to spend the night together. They wade into the water and make their way to their room for the night!


Ali stands on a dock waiting to meet Chris, who she leads to a boat, saying they are going out to explore.  Out on the open water, they have a beer and discuss how good things went with his family. They laugh and kiss. They have to swim to an island from the boat and jump in. They open up some clams on the shore and find pearls!

That evening, Ali and Chris meet up again to have dinner on their own secluded island. They wade to it and find a clambake waiting. Chris tells Ali he can see himself with her forever.  She smiles and kisses him.  Ali then gives him the fantasy suite invitation.  After he reads the card, she asks if he wants to -  he does! They marvel at the size of the suite and Chris talks about their honeymoon and whether they’ll live in Massachusetts or San Francisco.


Frank arrives in Tahiti, full of anxiety about having to tell Ali that he has decided to spend his life with Nicole. First, he talks to Chris Harrison to get some advice. He explains that seeing Nicole caused his feelings to come back more than ever. Chris is blown away at this sudden change of heart. Frank admits something had been holding him back for weeks, and it was Nicole.  Chris tells Frank that Ali has told him she is crazy about him. Frank sighs and frets. He cries a little, saying he doesn’t know what to do. Chris strongly suggests that he tell Ali the truth as soon as she gets there for their date.  Frank paces as he waits.

Ali comes to meet Frank to go sailing. She talks about it being the most important date because of their great connection. She greets him with enthusiasm. He hugs her but glumly says they have to talk.  They sit down and he warns he’s nervous. Frank tells her they had a strong connection from the beginning, but there was something holding him back – it was unresolved feelings for an ex-girlfriend.


Frank goes on to say that he went to Chicago to see Nicole and get closure, but when he saw her the old feelings rushed back.  Ali asks why he didn’t say something sooner. Frank doesn’t reply.  Ali cries as she recalls how often she tried to reassure him of her feelings for him. Frank cries too.  Ali tells him this was really selfish of him, saying she gave up everything to be there. He says he gave up everything too. She replies, “Apparently not everything.”  Frank apologizes.  Ali has to go deal with this and hugs him before walking away in tears and sinking down into the sand to sob.

Chris Harrison joins Ali on the beach. She tells him she feels angry and just wishes Frank had talked to her about this sooner – it was a cowardly thing to do. Chris dissuades her from trying to talk Frank out of it. Ali is frustrated that she has been completely open and honest and didn’t receive the same courtesy in return.

Roberto and Chris arrive for the Rose Ceremony. Ali is determined that the final two bachelors should know they are not here by default, and she wants to confirm they they are totally committed.  Chris Harrison brings Ali out to tell them why Frank isn’t there. Ali explains that she didn’t have a date with Frank, he’s gone home, and she’s confident that he was not the guy for her. Chris and Roberto both accept their roses.  Ali tells them they will be traveling to Bora Bora to meet her family next!

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  1. GasolArtest Says:
    July 19th, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    What I enjoy the most about this show, the places they get to visit. Tahiti looks so beautiful. If I was the bachelor with the 25 women, I would need years to decide. Not a few short months. If I get tired of the 25, send me 25 more to Tahiti that is. That would be paradise. So many women, so little time. If I take too long and they age past 30yrs old, send 25 more. Im sorry thats the way most men think. lol


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