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The Next Food Network Star: Brianna Jenkins Elimination Interview And Tidbits From Melissa d’Arabian

July 19, 2010 07:36 PM by Lisa Princ


Last night on Food Network we all watched as Brianna Jenkins’ road to becoming the The Next Food Network Star had ended. Brianna sat down and answered some questions about her experience on the show as well as what’s in her future. Keep reading for all the details!

Brianna Jenkins may have come across as a diva on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network but she certainly did not give that impression today. We were also joined by Season 5 winner and host of Ten Dollar Dinners on Food Network, Melissa d’Arabian who shared a few tidbits about her as well as what we can expect on The Next Food Network Star . Here is what the ladies had to say, we’ll start with Briana.

Question: What would you do differently if you could go back?

Brianna Jenkins: I would have shown more of my personality. I was nervous and I don’t think the viewers got to see the real Brianna.

Question: Do the contestants of The Next Food Network Star have any idea of who might be going home that week based on their performances?

Brianna Jenkins: No not really. With the type of competition this is, it’s not just about the food or your personality, but about bringing all the elements together perfectly. There is no way to foresee who would be going home, it was a surprise to us each week.

Question: What would you have liked to show the viewers about your personality that they didn’t see?

Brianna Jenkins: That I am very sophisticated and reserved but that I also live my life out loud so to speak. I usually talk more about my experiences, but I think my nerves held me back.

Question: What would you have prepared first if you had won The Next Food Network Star?

Brianna Jenkins: I would have prepared a fancy brunch and invited all my girlfriends over. I would have prepared oysters and filet benedict and had a whole lot of fattening breakfast foods.

Question: Do you think that your spicy taquitos were a bad choice for five year olds?

Brianna Jenkins: I think using the chorizo was a bad choice. I think taquitos for kids are like tacos. I really don’t think there are any “rules” for children and food. At five years old, I would be developing my child’s palette but that’s just me.

Question: In your bio it says that eggplant is one of your favorite foods, how do you prepare it?

Brianna Jenkins: I could put it in something, but sometimes eggplant is a meal for me, I just saute it in truffle oil. I really love it on every level, on pizza, on pasta, on and in everything.

Question: What’s next for you?

Brianna Jenkins: I am currently working on a cocktail table cook and design book. I am also doing consulting for new restaurants opening up in the Atlanta area. I am always pitching new ideas to the networks for cooking shows as well.

Next up, Melissa d’Arabian wanted to share some tidbits with us.

Question: What role do you play on your upcoming visit to The Next Food Network Star?

Melissa d’Arabian: I will be joining Giada for the camera challenge. In that episode the contestants must take a breakfast food and turn it into something non breakfast.

Question: What can the viewers look forward to on Ten Dollar Dinners on Food Network?

Melissa d’Arabian: New season just started out, we have 15 new episodes. I have to tell you that I love this season’s recipes. People are going to be surprised by the variety of food and creative ways to get variety in your budget. I’ve come up with creative ways to bring in international flavors or a twist to old fashioned recipes. I want people to walk away from the show with tips or tricks that will help them save money every time they shop.

Question: Do you have any advice for the contestants during their camera challenges?

Melissa d’Arabian:They changed up to the camera challenge and star challenge in season 6. When I saw the finalists doing the camera challenge, I was floored thinking they are way more advanced than we were at this stage. I think they are doing a great job, its much harder than it looks. There is no substitute for just doing it and finding a way to connect with the camera.

Question: Were you prepared for your own television show?

Melissa d’Arabian: Nothing can prepare you for your own show. A big part of having my own show is about the camera work. We shot these shows airing now back in April. It’s a huge, whole process that goes into developing these recipes for a season of ten dollar dinners.

Thank you and best of luck to Brianna Jenkins! Be sure to catch an all new episode of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network Sunday!

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