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True Beauty: The Final Challenge Season Finale!

July 19, 2010 07:57 PM by Candace Young


Tonight’s episode of True Beauty on ABC begins with Erika and Taylor waiting together in the suite,  speculating on whether it will be Amy or Craig who returns from the Final Face-Off.  Of course, Amy was sent home, so Craig will return. After seven others have gone home because they failed to show the inner beauty the judge and hosts have been secretly looking for, the final three will now battle it out to become the True Beauty – tonight!

Erika and Taylor set up a celebration dinner for the final three. Erika is hoping to see Amy come through the doors, and she tries to put on a good face for Craig, but keeps looking at the door for Amy! Craig suggests they call themselves the Menage a Trois.  Craig believes they wanted Amy to come back because he is tougher competition.  Drama develops when Taylor can’t find a pair of his jeans.  He throws a fit, but then finds them in his drawer!


Vanessa tells Carson and Beth that the final challenge will be for the contestants to play VIP host. After the full night of partying, they will then be asked to shoot a commercial. Carson goes to meet the hopefuls, who are brought into an airplane hangar in a limo. Carson tells them that they will get to let loose a bit tonight, but they will have to accompany a celebrity so they’ll have their hands full. It’s Steve-o and his pal, Guy Friendly, from Jackass!

Carson joins Beth and Vanessa again. Vanessa reminds them that Steve-o’s job is to wear out the contestants by partying with them all night. They sit back to watch the proceedings.  The hopefuls are pressured into smashing dishes, belly-dancing, and go-carting until five in the morning! Vanessa tells Carson to go deliver the good news that now the real challenge begins – they have to shoot a commercial!


Carson greets them at the Venetian to tell them they have an hour to learn lines! Erika is not a happy camper, and neither are Taylor and Craig when they try to start memorizing lines. Erika walks out in tears, saying she’s exhausted! She manages to get herself back on track, but the judges note her complaining.

Taylor films his commercial first and enjoys himself! Erika rises to the challenge and does a great job. Craig forgets his lines, but goes back and does it right.

It’s time for the contestants to learn who the winner of the commercial challenge is, and to get the key to find out the true nature of the competition!  Carson and Beth join the hopefuls to watch the commercials. They announce that they are all the winners! Erika is given the key and they’re sent off to a secret room. Vanessa appears on the screen to welcome them to the judge’s spy room!


She congratulates them on making it to the final, and explains that while they were in the penthouse, the judges were downstairs watching everything to see if they were the perfect combination of inner and outer beauty. Craig’s footage runs first, followed by Erika’s, and last Taylor’s.  Humbled, they make their way back to the penthouse, stopping to see their faces on a giant screen on the side of a building.

Vanessa, Carson, and Beth discuss who they will choose as the True Beauty.  They decide that it will come down to their final pleas.

All three competitors make their pleas, with Craig returning the vest he stole in the beginning. Vanessa, Carson, and Beth leave the room to deliberate. When they return, they have made their choice. Third place goes to Craig, second place goes to Erika, and the winner is Taylor – he wins $100,000 cash and his picture will be in People Magazine!


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