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America’s Got Talent: 12 More Quarter-Finalists Perform Live!

July 20, 2010 07:59 PM by Candace Young


This week in Hollywood, it’s time for the second wave of twelve quarter-finalists to go live on America’s Got Talent‘s on NBC! Nick Cannon says that to advance, these acts must give it all they’ve got in order to shine for judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan and America! Read about all the performances here, and then decide who you will vote for to move on to the semi-finals…

A group of cheerleaders called Cheer SF is up first in Hollywood.  They give a performance full of energy and great throws, but one guy stumbles on a back flip, and Piers and Sharon both end up hitting their buzzers. Piers says he doesn’t get it as a Vegas act, Sharon loves their enthusiasm, but thinks they didn’t take it to the next level, and Howie notes it’s not as technically amazing as he’s seen.


Singer Alice Tan Ridley, who has been singing in the subways in New York, will be the next to take the stage live.  She performs Midnight Train to Georgia and just belts it out!  Sharon tells her she wants to be on that train with her! Howie says she looks gorgeous and sounds gorgeous, and calls her a star! Piers tells her she’s got everything they’re looking for!

Bollywood meets Hollywood with the next act, Mona Sampath Dance Company. Mixing current music with the Bollywood dance style and flashy costumes really works, but Howie feels there was no ‘wow’ moment like last time. Piers tells the troupe to relax because Howie could not be more wrong! Sharon tells the dancers it was very, very exciting to watch – and infectious!


Iron Horse, a rockabilly band, are next to get up in the spotlight.  They play upbeat, fun music, and even do a few tricks, but Piers hits his buzzer.  Piers tells them the stage seemed too big for them tonight – they looked like a bar band. He also says the singer isn’t very good. Sharon had some issues as well, which Howie agrees with – they have to decide whether to focus on singing and playing or playing and tricks.

The Strong Man is up next.  He tells Nick his kids are excited to see him on television.  His act will be more dangerous than ever tonight. He picks up a motorcycle and puts it on a table, picks up the back end of a car and moves it over, then flips the whole car over! Piers buzzes before the act is done.  Sharon says he can do some interesting things with those muscles, and she can see him doing well with a huge production in Vegas. Howie thinks his feats are amazing, but hasn’t decided if it’s a show yet. Piers doesn’t think John is a dynamic enough frontman.


Ronith comes back tonight with his celebrity impressions. Piers buzzes him partway through his first one – John Wayne.  He continues on, but gets another buzzer,this time from Sharon. Howie stands up and applauds as Ronith goes on, ending with a Rambo impression. Howie tells him Piers doesn’t get it – bad is good!  Piers thinks all his impressions are basically the same, and he’s the worst impressionist he’s seen! Sharon clarifies that the second impression was, in fact, Jim Carrey and not a monkey!

Hannibal Means is next to perform live. He sings Circle of Life from The Lion King – it’s very strong! Piers tells him that underneath the madness he has a great voice. Sharon agrees, and gives him trouble for not crocheting her a hat – he produces one! Howie asks him what planet he’s from – Hannibal says he’ll have to figure that out for himself!


Wreckless, a group of young people who grew up in tough neighborhoods, and even have trouble finding places to rehearse, will try to bring their best to Hollywood now.  Their funky showmanship goes over big with the audience – they’re great! Sharon is amazed by their passion and loves them. Howie wants them to have more edge like the last time he saw them. Piers completely agrees with Sharon!

Lil Chris, a 12 year-old male singer influenced by Michael Jackson, is ready to go live in Hollywood.  Accompanied by two young female back up dancers, Chris gives a solid performance. Howie thinks he’s a little raw, but says he has talent. He urges him to practice. Piers agrees with Howie, saying this may have come a bit too soon for him. Sharon feels he held his own and did fantastic.

AscenDance, the couple who dance while rock-climbing, are ready to go live on stage. The original two, have added two more dancers to the act for tonight! They are mesmerizing! Piers says there is something about this that really works! He can see it in Vegas! Sharon calls it moving to watch, adding that their timing is perfection.  She comments on how unique the act is. Howie agrees with Piers and Sharon.


It’s time for Antonio Restivo to bring his magic and fire act to Hollywood.  He sets his act to Ozzy Osbourne tunes. Nick proclaims it to be hot! Sharon says she used his time very well – and the music was sensational! Howie tells him the act was consummate Las Vegas! Piers says the big question is can he headline in Vegas, but it was his best performance so far!

Michael Grimm is the final live performer tonight. He is the talented male singer who nearly lost his spot in the quarter-finals by going over his allotted ninety seconds in the previous audition. He is here now, however, and delivers a great performance with a polished new look! Howie compliments his look and tells him he is his favorite singer in the competition – he’d buy his album! Piers agrees, but wishes he’d connect with the audience more and draw them in because he’s an incredible talent. Sharon says she can hear the soul in his voice, but adds that Piers is right, he has to look at them more.

It’s time to vote! See you tomorrow night for the results!

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