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Hell’s Kitchen: Romance Emerges As The Final Four Are Revealed!

July 20, 2010 09:01 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on FOX we had two brand new hours of our favorite chef, Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen. This week just as the final four are about to be revealed and you think the drama is over, we are beginning to see a romance blooming between two contestants. Keep reading to see if you know who is hooking up and to see if your favorite hopeful got sent home or made it into the final four!

In the first half of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, the contestants are put to an artistic challenge by Gordon Ramsay. They must create a beautiful looking dish to be photographed and the photographs will be judged with the top two battling it out over the taste of the dish. Almost all of the contestants created beautiful dishes with the exception of Holli, whose salmon looked more like a home cook prepared it, no offense to all you fabulous home cooks out there! I was really surprised by this as Holli has struck me as such a strong contender, I sat and waited hoping this was not her week to fail. The winners of the photoshoot were Benjamin and Ed, but when Epicurous.com editor Tanya Steel had a chance to make the final decision on the winning dish, she chose Benjamin.

For winning this challenge, Benjamin was treated like a king for the day, being primped and prepped for a photo shoot with Epicurious.com. They even managed to give him a haircut and pluck some of his eyebrows meaning no more shaggy look for him! Meanwhile, the losers were stuck in Hell’s Kitchen cleaning under the watchful hawk eye of Jean Philippe. Holli and Jay spent most of their cleaning time flirting and throwing sex jokes back and forth at one another….wonder if this will go any farther? As Benjamin returned and they were getting ready for dinner service the team was not thrilled that Benjamin’s complicated winning Halibut dish would also be featured on the menu tonight as well.

Chef Ramsay informed the contestants that there would be a VIP chef’s table in the kitchen with them tonight, but did not let them know who would be there. That, however was not their concern as dinner service got off to a horrible start as Ed, who was on the fish station struggled to properly cook his Halibut or scallops. One by One Chef Ramsay was giving the uncooked Halibut back to Ed, who could just not get it together tonight. I am not sure what happened to him, but this was unexpected as he seemed to be a clear front runner in the competition. But Ed was not the only chef struggling as Benjamin could not get his meat properly cooked either, in which Chef Ramsay finally had enough and booted both Ed and Benjamin out of Hell’s Kitchen for the remainder of the service.


The remaining four chefs pulled together and finished service with ease, including the VIP chef’s table which was occupied by none other than the great Whoopi Goldberg and some friends, all of whom enjoyed their dinner but missed the drama! When it was time to nominate two chefs up for elimination, the team came together and decided on the two obvious choices in Ed, for his screw ups and also in Autumn since Chef Ramsay had asked that tonight they look at the entire season, not just this service. After pleading their cases and most of us wishfully thinking Chef Ramsay would send them both back and send Benjamin home, Chef Ramsay reluctantly sent Ed home. I was sorry to see Ed leave, and am still not quite sure how Benjamin or Autumn for that matter keep sliding through.

In the second half of our two hours of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Chef Ramsay threw another interesting yet tough challenge out at the contestants. He took them to a local market and gave each one of them ten dollars to spend on ingredients to create a gourmet meal. Surprisingly, each one of them did manage to spend no more than ten dollars and had some pretty tasty looking dishes, with the exception of Jason who decided to purchase frozen ravioli instead. When they returned to the kitchen to prepare their meals, Chef Ramsay informed them that they would be judged by three special judges and each one would put a price tag on their dish with the highest average price tag winning the challenge.

With that said, it was no surprise that Jason’s dish flunked big time and ended up with the lowest price tag. Jay’s dish had the highest for most of the challenge, until Holli’s inventive tuna dish won the judges over and she beat him out by one dollar! Holli was headed off to Beverly Hills for a day by the pool with Jean Philippe and also one thousand dollars to go shopping for cookware. When asked which one person she would like to take with her, it seemed no surprise that she chose Jay. Jay and Holli had another fun day of flirting even embarrassing Jean Philippe at lunch, so much so that he asked how much a room would be for the two of them! The romance continued as they shopped and when they returned as they spent the rest of their time alone in the hot tub getting kind of kinky! These two definitely have something going on, and I can’t wait to see what next week brings with them!


Then it was once again time for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX and Gordon Ramsay decided to switch things up a bit, by having the chefs rotate stations every few minutes. It turned out to be another disaster after disaster for them as no one seemed to be communicating on what they had already done. Jay was in a complete fog all night, must be lovestruck by Holli, but he was out of it all night. Benjamin had a tough night as well and got yelled at a few times by Chef Ramsay for his lack of leadership skills. But that was the only yelling Benjamin got at dinner service. Towards the end of service Chef Ramsay had stepped out and Benjamin decided to take over when he did, which turned Sous Chef Scott insanely angry and he got right in Benjamin’s face and started screaming at him.

By the time Chef Ramsay returned, service was completed and it was once again time to nominate two chefs for elimination. When the team returned they had nominated both Benjamin and Jason for his slowness. When pleading their cases Jason was honest and straight forward with Chef Ramsay telling him that he respected his decision if he thought he needed to go home because he was the worst chef there. Benjamin, once again was told he possesses no leadership qualities but once again he slides by and was sent back in line to join the remaining final four. Jason was sent packing with no regrets and only praise from Gordon Ramsay.

Best of luck to both Ed and Jason! Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for an all new drama filled episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX as it looks like the romance gets serious and so does Chef Ramsay! Remember, next week we go back to one hour as it is also the premiere of Gordon Ramsay‘s new show MasterChef at 9 pm EST! Be sure to catch them both!

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