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Losing It With Jillian Season Finale: The Alvarez Family

July 20, 2010 07:54 PM by Nancy Floyd


Jillian Michaels has one last chance to whip a family into shape on tonight’s season finale of Losing It With Jillian. The tough trainer travels to Miami, Florida to work with the Alvarez family, a Cuban family struggling with weight and health. In addition to mom and dad, the health issues extend to their 9-year old son, a young boy struggling with weight and pre-diabetes. Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s season finale…

Tonight, on the season finale of Losing It With Jillian, tough-as-nails trainer Jillian Michaels is working with the Alvarez family. She travels to Miami, Florida to work with the Cuban family. Dad David and Mom Carmen are unhealthy and overweight and are setting a terrible example for their children, especially their 9-year old son David Jr. who is pre-diabetic. When the family pays a trip to the doctor, they are shown a projected photo of what young David Jr. will look like at his high school graduation if he doesn’t change his lifestyle. If that’s not enough to scare this family into shape, I don’t know what will.


Not surprisingly, Jillian Michaels shows up and puts this family to work right away. Unfortunately, David is cautioned by doctors from working out too strenuously because of his health issues. Since Carmen is the one who desperately wants their lives to change, while Dad David Sr. seems to care less, Jillian Michaels focuses on working with her. Despite the fact that he’s incredibly overweight and suffering from sleep apnea, David Sr. seems apathetic about wanting to change. Jillian Michaels is immediately drawn to David Jr., the sweet-natured 9-year old son who is being teased at school for his weight.

The next day, the entire family gets together for a huge (unhealthy) meal. Naturally, the Alvarez family has horrifying eating habits and Jillian Michaels tries to teach them a thing or two about eating right. As always, their meals are full of fat, grease, and sugar, and light on the vegetables. Jillian offers them helpful tips on eating right, cooking wisely, and being healthy overall. She also convinces them to throw out their unhealthy food by the bagful.


Jillian Michaels is desperate to get through to dad David about the dangers of his unhealthy lifestyle. Mom Carmen seems to be carrying the burden for the whole family. Jillian Michaels puts her through a rigorous workout in an effort to break her down. When Carmen is willing to acknowledge the problem with her husband, Jillian Michaels convinces Carmen to confront David about his apathetic attitude. Later, Jillian Michaels and David Alvarez have an emotional heart-to-heart where he acknowledges his own anger and frustration at his behavior.

The next day, Jillian Michaels takes David Sr. and David Jr. to a karate class to spend quality time together doing something active. Jillian is hoping that martial arts will help David Jr. the same way it helped her as an overweight child. David Sr. is proud of his son’s commitment and passion. David Jr. loves the karate class and hopes to continue.


Afterwards, Jillian Michaels takes the whole family to a local farmer’s market to teach them about healthy eating, spending time together, and being active. The family is surprised to discover what fun a farmer’s market is and how good fruits and vegetables can be. Back at the house, the family gathers to celebrate David Jr.’s 10th birthday. They throw a big family party complete with healthy food. Jillian Michaels surprises the birthday boy with plenty of karate gear which he calls the best gift ever.

Jillian Michaels takes the family to the beach for one last tough workout. She puts David Sr. into a boat on the sand and forces the rest of the family to pull him. The metaphorical workout is meant to teach them a lesson about trying to pull each other’s weight as a family. At first, David Jr. wants to give up because it’s too hard but soon the whole family is working together to pull David Sr. up the beach.


Before Jillian Michaels departs from the family, she has one last powwow with them. They each set goals for the six weeks while she’s away. When Jillian Michaels returns to Miami, she gathers friends and family together on a boat for the Alvarez family to reveal their new selves. Mom Carmen comes out looking great and confident. She lost 25 lbs in the time that Jillian Michaels was away. David Jr. comes out next, looking thin, healthy, and happy. He also lost 25 lbs. in six weeks. Lastly, David Sr. reveals his new body, having lost 54 lbs.

In addition to losing the weight, the Alvarez family are a lot healthier. David Jr. no longer has to be tested for pre-diabetes and David Sr. no longer has to take medicine for high blood pressure. David Jr. also announces plans to start an after-school program to help his peers learn about healthy eating and physical activity. As a gift, Jillian Michaels gives the Alvarez family a check to fund the after-school program.

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