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The Bachlorette: Ali Fedotowsky Interview!

July 20, 2010 11:30 AM by Candace Young


Last night on a heart-breaking episode of The Bachelorette on ABC, we watched as Ali Fedotowsky‘s worst fear came true when she learned that Frank was taking himself out of contention because he was in love with an ex-girlfriend. Ali, of course, picked herself up out of the sand and continued on to her Rose Ceremony with Roberto and Chris. How difficult was that for her, and how does Ali feel about the drama at this point? Keep reading to find out her thoughts on Frank, her biggest challenge, the greatest lesson she’s learned throughout the process, and more…

Reality TV Magazine: That was a pretty emotional episode last night!

Ali Fedotowsky: Absolutely. I got pretty emotional just watching it!

Reality TV Magazine: Now that some time has passed since the disappointment with Frank in Tahiti, do you see it in a different light or do you still think he was selfish?

Ali Fedotowsky: It’s strange; there’s a small part of me that wants to be angry at Frank, just because I do think that he didn’t really break things off with this girl before coming on the show. From their conversation it seems like they never even really broke up. But I can’t be angry at him, I just can’t. Inside of me I have nothing but good memories of our time together, and I’m happy now and have moved on, so I don’t really have many hard feelings.

Reality TV Magazine: Did it mean anything that he came in person, as opposed to just calling you up to break the news.

Ali Fedotowsky: I respect that he came in person, but I do think it would have been nice to be told that before, back in L.A.

Reality TV Magazine: After you had time to digest the information, did it explain some of Frank’s earlier behavior, or hesitation, on dates?

Ali Fedotowsky: He would tell me, “I’m so into you. I’m crazy about you. I’m nervous you’re not going to feel the same way about me.” So I always thought he just cared about me so much that he was worried, and I understood. The only time I ever really got a sign, I guess, is when we were in Iceland at the lagoon – they didn’t show this on air – but when we were talking I sensed he had feelings for an ex. I sensed it, and I thought it was an ex that he went to Paris with that he told me about, so I asked him, “Do you still have feelings for that ex that you moved to Paris with?” He said, “Absolutely not.” So, he didn’t lie, but he failed to admit that, yeah, I don’t have feelings for her, but I have feelings for this other girl. He had a lot of opportunities to tell me along the way, and after the whole Justin thing I went up and asked the guys if any of them had a girl back home, and he just sat there and said nothing – so many chances.

Reality TV Magazine: How were you able to move forward with the process with Roberto and Chris, because it really seemed like Frank was the front-runner.

Ali Fedotowsky: [On the show] I tried to take every day one day at a time and not think about who would be going home at the Rose Ceremonies until the Rose Ceremonies, but with Frank, honestly, I did think he’d be there to meet my parents, I really did, at that point, feel like he would be in my top two.

Reality TV Magazine: So was it difficult to move forward after Frank left?

Ali Fedotowsky: It was a little bit difficult, but I don’t think that Frank leaving affected my final decision in the end whatsoever. I think I would have made the same decision; I know I would have made the same decision in the end, regardless of whether or not Frank had chosen to stay.

Reality TV Magazine: You had expressed to Chris Harrison at different times throughout the process that you feared falling for someone and not having that person love you back. Do you think these feelings affected your dealings with the bachelors, or did you open yourself up fully in spite of your fear?

Ali Fedotowsky: I think I did open up myself fully despite how I was feeling, and the fears that I had. Am I like that in my every day life? No, I don’t think so; that fear stemmed from the fact that I was The Bachelorette. I needed to make sure that these guys loved me, Ali, as a normal girl out there in the world, not did they think they love me because I’m The Bachelorette, or pretend to like me because I’m The Bachelorette – that for me was the real fear, that I was discerning what’s real and what’s not.

Reality TV Magazine: What was the most challenging thing for you in this process – eliminating people, the pressure to fall in love on camera, or dealing with Justin and Frank’s dramas?

Ali Fedotowsky: Dealing with Frank leaving was the most difficult by far. It was a time where I questioned a lot of the decisions I had made, questioned whether or not my journey as The Bachelorette was going to turn out the way that I had hoped, and whether all the sacrifices I’d made to come on the show were worth it. There were just so many things going through my mind – this is a TV show, but this is also my life, so I was scared. In terms of challenges, I think each decision I made every step of the way, I was confident in and believed in, so it was easy in the sense that I knew what I wanted, but it was hard in the sense that it was very emotional.

Reality TV Magazine: What was something positive that you took away from your experience on The Bachelorette?

Ali Fedotowsky: The biggest gift I was given this season? I have always gone for types like Frank; the funny guy who everyone thinks is the life of the party, who everyone thinks is intriguing and interesting, but those guys always break my heart, so I think the one thing that I realized throughout this, is that the type of guy I really need are like Chris and Roberto, who respect others and are men who are honorable! I don’t need a guy to come home and entertain me at the end of the day, I can have those guys as friends. I need a guy who, when I come home from a hard day at work, is going to hug me, tell me he loves me, and make everything right in the world. I think that is the biggest gift I was given, and the greatest lesson I learned.

Reality TV Magazine: Would you do another reality show?

Ali Fedotowsky: No. [erupts into laughter]

Reality TV Magazine: [laughing] So we shouldn’t be looking for you on Dancing With the Stars or anything?

Ali Fedotowsky: Oh, I thought you meant [The Bachelorette] type [of reality show]. Dancing With the Stars would be an absolute blast, I would be honored to get that opportunity, but I haven’t been asked, so we’ll see!

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