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Big Brother 12: Pukefest & Whiners

July 21, 2010 06:56 PM by Ryan Haidet


After one of the most obvious nominations in Big Brother history, Monet and Britney became furious they were the targets for elimination.  Britney felt like Rachel was nominating her on behalf of crappy excuses.  Monet said she believes Rachel is threatened by her.  Her initial desire was to punch Rachel in the face, but she didn’t want to be kicked out of the house right then.

Gag Me

I’m really getting tired of the lovefest between Rachel and Brendon.  Once again they joined in a bedroom alone where they embraced, kissed and talked about the strategy they just played out. Monet and Britney’s alone time was much different.  They sat with each other wiping their tears away in the Have-Nots bedroom as they sobbed over being nominated.  “I have never said one bad thing about her,” Monet said before correcting herself.  “Well, I’ve never said one bad thing to her.  She’s a stupid hooker.”



Moments later pukefest continued as Brendon coddled Rachel in the HOH bedroom.  He grabbed her face and tried to reassure her that she shouldn’t feel bad about making her nominations.  Laying in the bed with his legs wrapped around her, Brendon kept kissing her to let her know everything is fine.

Bashing Rachel

In the backyard, Monet and Britney kept complaining about Rachel.  The pair determined that Rachel is just jealous before they called her a skank.  Britney then said that every time Rachel wears a skirt that STDs have gone airborne.  Can we please have a double elimination this week and send both of their whiny butts home?  Then next week have another double elimination to oust pukefest partners Brendon and Rachel?  That would be awesome!  I would love to see all four of them out of the house ASAP.

Terrible Lie

Matt told Andrew a very personal story about his wife and a bone disease she is battling.  Andrew looked sincerely concerned and upset about it.  Matt argued he was there for her because the illness his wife is facing is extremely costly to cover.  The catch?  It was a total lie.  I can appreciate somebody playing the game as a strong strategic player, but trying to move forward on the back of an illness is absolutely shameful.  But to try and save his image, Matt said if it worked and he ended up winning the competition that he would donate a large amount of his prize to the disease he was lying about.


Locked In

For the Power Of Veto competition, the six competing houseguests (Rachel, Monet, Britney, Lane, Enzo and Brendon) gathered in the backyard to see the Big Brother stock market.  Each player had to lock themselves into the stocks while holding onto a brief case.  The winner was not the person who stayed in the stocks the longest, but the contestant who dropped their brief case closest to the one-hour mark without going over.

When it was all said and done, Britney ended up winning the competition having finished with 53 minutes in the stocks.  Enzo was actually closer, but he went over one hour by just 14 seconds, which disqualified him from the competition.

The New Plan

Now that Britney had the POV, she wanted to start a backdoor plan to take Andrew out next.  Monet quickly went to the HOH bedroom and questioned Rachel about her next move.  Monet tried to convince her to target Andrew next, but Rachel wasn’t so sure it was the best idea.  That’s when Monet promised she wouldn’t gun for Rachel or Brendon next week.  “I can say that with confidence,” Monet said.

Later that day, Matt came up with a crazy strategic plan.  He offered to be nominated as a pawn if Rachel promised to mention that he was strictly being played as a pawn.  Matt said in a confessional that he wanted to do it as an act of loyalty to gain everybody’s trust.  Everybody else thought it was the perfect decision, but Rachel was nervous about Matt’s idea.  After Brendon and Rachel fought about the next move, she cried about it for a little while before coming to her decision.

When Britney removed herself from the chopping block with the POV, Rachel held to the plan and kept Brendon happy.  She stood before the rest of the house and placed Matt in one of the two nomination chairs.  Could this backfire in Matt’s face?  Should be interesting…


Yesterday there was a two second feed flash while the house was in lockdown of the backyard.  What did we see on the live feeds?  It looks like a very complicated contraption that is being used to set up a possible endurance Head of Household competition tonight!  If you haven’t gotten your CBS Big Brother 12, 24/7 Live Feeds you want to be sure you do it now so that you can watch the whole competition and find out who wins the next head of household!


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