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Real World: Preston And Ryan Go At It Again!

July 21, 2010 08:14 PM by Jennifer


Mardi Gras is in full swing on this episode of Real World on MTV. As Preston and Ashlee seek a job at the local radio station, Ryan and Preston continue their fight about Ryan’s sexuality, and boy does Ryan get pissed! Keep reading all about their latest fight!

As the roommates party it up in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, they volunteer to work at a dog parade, and after it is over, the roommates go to a drive thru to get something to eat. While they are waiting, Preston and Ryan start to argue, and Preston said that a former hook up of his nicknamed “Big Thang” said that Ryan was Gay and afraid to admit it. This sets Ryan off to the point where he not only yells, but he gets real defensive and calls Preston a derogatory gay slur. I cannot believe Ryan did that! I won’t repeat what was said, but it was bad. When they get back to the house, Ryan calls a friend and tells him that he wants to knock Preston out for thinking that he is gay! I have also thought that Ryan could be gay, but who cares if he is or isn’t?

The roommates decide to go out that night since it is Super Bowl Sunday on this episode of Real World on MTV. They go to a local bar where Preston sees Maxwell, a guy he had a hook up with in the last episode. When he kisses Maxwell, he gets tossed out of the club, not because of the kiss, but because Maxwell is under 21. When Ashlee talks to the bouncer, it is too late an the Saints have already won the game. As they head out to leave, Preston notices that McKenzie is hanging out with a guy that the girls consider a creeper. He tries to stop her from going home with this guy, and Ashlee yells at him and takes off with the guy. But oddly enough, she gets home before the rest of the crew. She is also so drunk that she blacks out, and her roommates get worried about her. But she tels Jemmye that not only does she black out, but she says her friends and family do it too. Weird huh? Why does she think this is normal?


Back to Ryan, the roommates aren’t going to tolerate his messy behavior anymore. McKenzie tells Preston that Ryan said he will clean up when he feels like doing it. this brings Preston to a boiling point, and he goes up to Ryan and badgers him about cleaning up. As Ryan ignores him, Preston gets louder, and calls Ryan gay. Now it is on! Preston told Ryan that he rubbed his “nuts” all over the shorts that Ryan was wearing, so what does Ryan do? He takes Preston’s cigarette’s and wipes his butt with them! So Preston decides to do the ultimate gross thing, he pees on Ryan’s toothbrush! Gross! I am gagging just thinking about it! What’s worse is that while McKenzie is telling Knight what Preston did, Ryan is brushing his teeth! Yuck!

When the group goes to another bar the next night, Jemmye sees Knght talking to another girl and she gives him the look of death. When they get back home in the confessional, they both admit that they are starting to have feelings for each other! What was supposed to be a sex only thing between them seems to be turning into alot more. But the next day when Ryan sobers up, he admits to Sahar that he got himself into a bad situation, because he wants to keep sleeping with Jemmye, but he is leading her on while doing it. Something tells me that this is not going to go well. I think between that and the Preston-Ryan thing, next week it is really going to hit the fan!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM for another episode of Real World on MTV! See you after the show!

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