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The Bachelorette: Ali Fedotowsky Opens Up About Frank’s Betrayal

July 21, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Monday night’s episode of ABC‘s The Bachelorette proved to be the most shocking one of the season as Frank dumped Ali Fedotowsky in Tahiti for his ex-girlfriend. Frank has been the frontrunner since the start of the reality dating competition, but after making it to the top 3, he decided to take himself out of the game to reunite with a former girlfriend. Ali Fedotowsky opens up about her shock, heartbreak, and anger at Frank’s betrayal…

When Ali Fedotowsky arrived in Tahiti for overnight dates with her top three suitors, she was expecting fun, romance, and excitement. Unfortunately, her final date proved to be filled with heartbreak and betrayal when frontrunner Frank dropped a huge bombshell on her. Despite the strong connection he’s had with Ali Fedotowsky since the beginning of the dating competition, Frank couldn’t get over feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Nicole. After paying Nicole a visit in Chicago, Frank decided to pull himself out of the competition, breaking Ali’s heart in the process.

Ali Fedotowsky calls Frank’s departure “the biggest shock” of the season. “I don’t even know where to begin when trying to explain how I felt when this all went down,” Ali Fedotowsky says. “I guess I will start by saying that I did not expect it at all.”

Ali Fedotowsky says she suspected that Frank had unresolved feelings for one of his ex-girlfriends but when she asked him, he denied it. “Back in Iceland, I asked Frank about his ex girlfriends,” she says. “I told him that I could sense that he was not over his ex, so I asked if he still had feeling for the ex that went to Paris with him. He told me that he did not have feelings for her anymore and we moved passed it. My instincts were dead on.”

When Ali Fedotowsky first saw Frank in Tahiti, she wasn’t sure what was going on with him. “When I first saw Frank I thought maybe he was feeling unsure about the other guys again and that I had to reassure him again,” she says. “Then I thought maybe something tragic happened and I was super worried for him. I quickly realized that Frank was leaving. I was heartbroken…. I think this was especially emotional for me because it has happened to me before in the past. A guy that I once really cared about left me for an ex.”

Frank’s departure also made Ali Fedotowsky question her time on the show. “After Frank left, I felt defeated,” she says. “Don’t get me wrong, I was very well aware that I had two unbelievable men left, but I couldn’t help but think that my journey as the Bachelorette wasn’t going to work out. This was not because I thought Frank was the guy for me, but because this was the second guy to leave the show for a girl back home.”

Ultimately though, Ali Fedotowsky realizes that the breakup was for the best. “In the end, Frank and I are both better off after what happened,” she says. “I really cared for him and I always will.”

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One Response to “The Bachelorette: Ali Fedotowsky Opens Up About Frank’s Betrayal”

  1. jazzyone Says:
    July 22nd, 2010 at 4:50 am

    I have a few comments of “Frank Dumps Ali Fedotowsky in Tahiti”. I always felt Frank was a “wimp” from the beginning of the show. We all know at this point and time that he was “waco”. It was sad for Frank to wait until Ali was down to the final “three” and to burst her bubble by telling her he was in love with his ex girlfriend. What a bummer!


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