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Top Chef: Exotic Proteins And Cold Foods With A Twist

July 21, 2010 07:56 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Top Chef on Bravo the contestants are put through the oddest quickfire of the season using exotic proteins. When they are also asked to create a cold food meal with a surprise twist  thrown in, one chef turns into a complete game player, but will it backfire on them? You’ll have to keep reading for all the details.

First up on Top Chef on Bravo was the quickfire challenge. In this challenge the contestants were asked to create a unique and yummy dish using exotic proteins such crocodile, snake, emu eggs, and ostrich just to name a few. Padma was joined tonight by returning guest judge Michelle Bernstein, chef and owner of Michy’s in Miami. Andrea was not pleased to see Michelle as they are competitors in Miami, she feared Michelle would not be fair when judging her dish. Michelle, however assured Andrea that it was all about the food and nothing more. The winner of this challenge would receive immunity in the elimination challenge later on.

The contestants drew knives to see who would get to choose their proteins first and Amanda was not thrilled that she drew last which ended up leaving her with the dreaded emu eggs. Angelo chose duck white kidneys but was quickly informed by Padma that was another term for duck testicles which stunned Angelo! Kevin was thrilled to have gotten to choose the ostrich which is what he wanted but he would not be thrilled for long. A few minutes into the prepping, Padma returned with a surprise as she asked the contestants to move to the left and take over that protein, leaving Kevin with the duck testicles.


Michelle then tasted everyone’s dishes and decided that the worst ones were Steven with his frog legs, Alex with his dry ostrich and Andrea because her boar was not cooked enough…coincidence or rivalry, you can be the judge. The best dishes were Tamesha who cooked duck tongue perfectly, Amanda whose llama was delicious per Michelle….not really sure how delicious llama can be but hey what do I know. And Kelly who took the emu eggs and turned them into a sophisticated and delicious omelet was also in the top three. Kelly’s emu eggs that started off as Amanda’s wound up winning her the best dish and immunity in the elimination challenge, wonder if Amanda wishes she still had the chance to work with those?

Next up on Top Chef on Bravo was the elimination challenge. This week the contestants would be cooking a cold dish, but there would be a twist on this one as well. They would be broken up into two teams of five, each cooking their own dish, but then judging the other team’s five dishes. The judging teams would pick the one dish from the other team that would put up for the win and the one dish that would be put up for elimination. The teams were broken up with Kenny, Kevin, Ed, Alex and Amanda on one team and Angelo, Tamesha, Tiffany, Andrea and Steven on the other. Kelly would be sitting back with the judges and tasting everything since she had immunity.


Both teams were then sent off to a cruise ship to come up with their ideas in honor of the cold war. There definitely proved to be game playing tonight on Top Chef as Angelo tried to dictate what his team members should make when they approached the team with their ideas. Angelo has made it known in the past that he does not like Kenny and I am sure he would do anything to get Kenny kicked off as he looked thrilled that Kenny was not his team. Since each person had a say in who would be the worst dish of the evening, it wouldn’t have surprised me in the least if Angelo told everyone to vote for Kenny.

That theory was about to proven true as Kenny was quickly voted the worst dish of that team, but the only good reason for it was that the lamb was not cooked enough although there were clearly worse dishes upon them. Kevin was voted the best dish of that group with his Tuna and Veal “surf and turf’ with pine nuts. On the flip side, Angelo’s mentoring backfired on him as Tamesha’s spicy scallops made everyone spit them out. Tiffany was voted the best of that team with her peppercorn crusted tuna over greens.

In the end, the judges decided that Kevin had the best dish and he ended up winning and getting tickets for six days in Hawaii! Tamesha should have used more of her own judgement on the challenge and less of Angelo’s as she was asked to pack her knives and go. Another week for Angelo to plot just how he can take down Kenny, we’ll see what he comes up with next week! Best of luck to Tamesha! Be sure to tune in next week for another new episode of Top Chef on Bravo!

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