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Work of Art: Child’s Play

July 21, 2010 10:59 PM by alison.bills


On Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, the contestants are asked to make art inspired by childhood. They can only use children’s art supplies, which creates some challenges for the artists. At the same time, many of the artists express their frustration with one of the contestants (who coincidentally has won the most challenges!) Jealous much?

Now that Eric’s gone, Miles says he’s relieved. The artists decide to hang out on the roof in order to relieve some of the tension in the house. Ryan reveals that he was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and is now an outcaste from his family.

Simon de Pury arrives, and invites them to come with him to a museum.  They end up at the Children’s Museum of the Arts. China Chow asks the artists to create a piece of art that reflects their first moment with art as a child. They will only be able to use the tools provided in the art room, which include popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and markers.

The artists get to work. Abdi bases his piece on the fact that he was raised by his mom, and she helped keep him on the right track. Miles is making a geometric design piece, even though it’s not exactly reflective of his childhood. Jaclyn is struggling because she was a very lonely child.


Peregrine, who was raised in San Francisco in an “urban art culture” is making a piece that reflects a child growing up in a very loose, drug-infested, environment. Ryan gets emotional about his piece when he reflects on his strained relationship with his mother.

The artists take a break in a ball pod, and Miles and Nicole continue their heavy flirting. Simon de Pury comes by with snacks and plenty of criticism. He’s concerned that Ryan’s piece is too literal. He likes Nicole piece because it reflects on her childhood, instead of trying to recreate it.

Miles admits that his piece is not about his childhood. Mark expresses his annoyance with Miles, who has made a very similar piece in the past. Mark feels that this is cheating.

Before he leaves, Simon admits that he’s slightly unimpressed with the pieces. The moral in the room sinks to the ground. He also announces that immunity will not be on the table for the rest of the competition.

After Simon’s visit, the artists go into maniac mode. Abdi decides to start over completely. Miles adds rubberband balls to his piece. Ryan tries to figure out how to make his piece less literal, but also has time to mention that he thinks Miles as a “douchebag.”

The next day, the artists return to their own studio to finish their pieces. Jaclyn decides to paint a tree and hang pipecleaners from it. Miles feels her piece is very cold.

It’s time for the show, and the guest judge is painter Will Cotton.  The artists judge the work, and then ask Abdi, Nicole, Peregrine, Ryan and Jaclyn to stay. Miles and Mark are safe and will move on to next week. It’s surprising that Miles isn’t in the top or the bottom!

Ryan’s up first for critique. They call his piece contrived, and give him a tough critique. Then, they move on to Peregrine, who’s piece is about the people she knew who died from AIDS. They really love the piece.

As for Jaclyn’s piece, the judges like her story, but don’t see it in her work. They say they had no emotional reaction to the piece. They move on to Nicole’s piece, and praise her for her design. They also say it is a deeply personal piece.

The judges then talk to Abdi, whose piece is about being asked to draw items. The judges say he needed to edit the pieces down. They say he removed himself from the exercise.

The judges send the contestants away to talk about the pieces. The judges call in Nicole and Peregrine to announce the winner. Peregrine wins! Next, they call in Abdi, Jaclyn and Ryan to announce who will be going home. The judges decide to send Ryan home. He says he was surprised he was eliminated, and then Jaclyn’s piece was the weakest of the show.

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