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So You Think You Can Dance 7/22/10: The Results Are In For The Top 6 Dancers & Enrique Iglesias Performs!

July 22, 2010 07:51 PM by Nancy Floyd

Kent Boyd, Twitch Boss

It’s time for another results show on So You Think You Can Dance! On last night’s episode, the top 6 dancers (sans Billy who was nursing a knee injury) took the stage for three performances apiece. Tonight, the votes are in. Which dancers are facing elimination in the bottom three? Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode and the judges’ shocking decision…

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance starts off with a fun and quirky jazz routine choreographed by Kelley Abbey. Since Billy was injured this week and unable to perform on last night’s episode, he’ll automatically be in the bottom three tonight. Cat Deeley invites the remaining five finalists out to the stage to deliver the results.

Lauren Froderman, Robert Roldan

Lauren is the first dancer to find out her fate and after two strong performances last night (the Wild West-inspired hip hop routine with Twitch and sexy samba with Robert), she’s safe tonight. Kent finds out his results next. His quick jazz routine with Kathryn and step routine with Twitch earned rave reviews from the judges last night. Apparently, America agreed because he’s safe as well.

Before the remaining three finalists hear their results, there’s a special performance from two ballet dancers from the American Ballet Theater. They’re performing a pas de deux from Don Quixote and it’s freaking awesome! Well, everything except the guys skintight pants. Those I could definitely do without.


Jose, Robert, and AdeChike return to the stage to learn their fate. On last night’s episode, Jose did a great job on his contemporary routine with Allison, but left something to be desired in his Paso Doble with AdeChike. Robert earned great reviews for both his jazz routine with All-Star Lauren and his samba with finalist Lauren. AdeChike received perhaps the best critiques of the night for his lyrical hip-hop routine Comfort, but fell short on his Paso Doble with Jose. Only one of these three guys is safe tonight with the other two joining Billy in the bottom three. AdeChike is safe for another week, meaning Jose and Robert must dance for their lives.

Next up, a special performance from a dancer who auditioned for this season of So You Think You Can Dance. His name is DJ Smart and he does an entire routine wearing handcuffs (and boxer briefs, although those are less important). He made it to the semifinals in Vegas but didn’t earn a spot in the top 11. After witnessing this brilliant routine, it’s hard to understand why. The dude’s a freak of nature and I mean that in the best way possible.


Special Announcement: National Dance Day. July 31st. Cat Deeley says to mark your diaries. Diaries? Here’s a sample excerpt in case you’re wondering what to write: Dear Diary, Nigel Lythgoe made up this super cool fake holiday called National Dance Day. I have to go online and learn the totally awesome routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Napoleon is so dreamy. Maybe if I work really hard, I can become the executive producer of a reality TV show someday and make up useless holidays all by myself. A girl can dream. XOXO.

Now it’s time for a little All-Star flashback. Cat Deeley reminds us about Lauren and Neil‘s background on So You Think You Can Do. They team up together for a special Wade Robson routine from season 4. Lauren + Neil + Wade Robson = Abso-freaking-lutely awesome!


Cue the dramatic music. It’s time for Robert and Jose to dance for their lives. To use a totally cheesy dance cliche, they leave it all on the dance floor tonight. Robert performs a powerful and moving contemporary routine, while Jose goes to town on a high-energy breakdancing routine. It’s time for the judges to head backstage and figure out which dancer will be going home.

While the judges deliberate, Enrique Iglesias takes the stage to perform his new single, I Like It. There are lasers, a rap interlude, a lot of auto-tuning, and a stolen loop from Lionel Richie. From the second Cat Deeley introduces him as simply “Enrique” (no last name needed?), I have the strong impression that Enrique Iglesias is trying a little too hard to reinvent himself and fool the audience into thinking he’s about 21. I really have no words for the performance, although “terrible” comes to mind.


Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels, Adam Shankman, and Kenny Ortega return from their deliberation, but Nigel informs Cat Deeley that they haven’t reached a decision. He takes a second to address each of the three guys. The judges feel as though Robert has stopped progressing in the competition, they think Jose hasn’t grown in areas other than breakdancing, and they worry about Billy’s injury. All in all, they’ve decided not to eliminate anyone tonight, but two dancers will be sent home next week.

Tune into So You Think You Can Dance next Wednesday night at 8pm EST on FOX to see the top 6 finalists perform once again!

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