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Big Brother 12: Ridin’ The Wave To Power

July 25, 2010 07:24 PM by Ryan Haidet


Ah, right where we left off.  The Big Brother 12 contestants battling it out for Head Of Household in an endurance competition.  In case you forgot, they were all left standing on tilted, moving surfboards that were sticking out of a wall.  If that wasn’t bad enough, cold water was rushing down from above as the wind blew hard gusts of air right at their shivering bodies.  The last person standing would win the power of HOH.  The added twist?  The first five players to fall were categorized as the Haves for the week.  The next four to fall would be punished without privileges as part of the Have-Nots.


It didn’t take long for them to start dropping.  Kathy, who has been extremely weak in challenges so far, was out first; she was immediately followed by Lane.  Next was Kristen who fell off accidentally, but Hayden jumped off on purpose so he could have the full privileges for the week since he didn’t feel like he was a target.  Britney dropped out next, which made her the last person labeled as a Have.

Enzo and Brendon both fell off next.  After 1 hour and 7 minutes passed, Ragan promised Andrew a deal — neither of them would target each other this week if one of them won HOH.  Matt, the only player left in the competition against them, wasn’t even included in their strategy.  It wasn’t long after that Andrew fell off leaving only Matt and Ragan.  As the two of them stood up on their surfboards, Ragan asked everybody else to leave the backyard so the two of them could chat privately.  Ragan said he trusts Matt and was even considering cutting a deal to give Matt HOH.  But Matt said he could stick it out on his own all night and didn’t need the help.  So their battle continued.  After a strong performance, Ragan fell off at 2 hours and 15 minutes.


With that, it was Matt who won HOH, which Brendon thought was the worse-case scenario.  Back inside the house, Pukefest (Brendon and Rachel) sat on the floor to talk about what just happened.  She was upset Matt now had the power in the house because she doesn’t trust him.  To try and ease her concerns she went and talked to Matt about his strategy for the week.  He told her that he felt sold out by her actions the week before.

Filthy Lies

Up in Matt’s HOH bedroom, he was excited to see all of the pictures of his wife and family.  As he read his letter from his wife to the rest of the house, her words just re-affirmed the fake disease he had lied to everybody about.  Andrew thought it really put a new perspective into what is really important to Matt.

The Brigade (Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Matt) talked about who they should target next.  Enzo wanted them to take out Brendon or Rachel next, but Matt said he was a bit worried about Kathy.  Hayden’s loyalties started to spread beyond the Brigade, though.  His romantic feelings for Kristen, which he has tried to keep secret so far, are bringing on suspicion.  But something else interesting that I noticed came when the producers offered subtitles over a houseguest’s words.  They couldn’t even spell Kristen’s name correctly.  Yikes!  KRISTIN isn’t a contestant in the house — KRISTEN is.  How can these producers not even notice?  C’mon!


Just Like A Baby…

Andrew, one of the Have-Nots for the week, was worried that he couldn’t eat any of the slop because none of it is kosher.  In addition to slop though, America voted to give the Have-Nots baby food and bok choy for the week.  Andrew was happy since it is kosher, but everybody else seemed so disgusted — some even comparing it to baby poo.

As always, everybody worked their magic to try and cut deals with Matt.  Through all of the deal making, he wanted to put Andrew up on the chopping block as a pawn.  In a confessional, Matt said he thought it was the perfect opportunity to not take the obvious route by targeting Brendon and Rachel like everybody else wants him to.

Interesting Nominees

At the Nomination Ceremony, Matt’s targets were revealed when neither Kathy nor Andrew’s keys came out of the box.  A very interesting pair to nominate.  Again, not really what the rest of the house — or the Brigade alliance for that matter — wanted him to do.  There must be a big backdoor plan in motion.


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