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Dance Your Ass Off: Prom

July 26, 2010 10:56 PM by alison.bills


On Dance Your Ass Off, the remaining contestants re-enact a special event, prom, to celebrate their weight-loss. A special guest judge, and former ‘NSync-er, also encourages the students to do their best.

The contestants head to a high school to meet Mel B She tells them that they’ll be attending a prom as a reward for all their hard work! For their final challenge, they will have to each perform a trick and a jump in their routines. As the contestants start to leave the track, they see their trainer, who tells them they’ll be running a mile. However, then they are told that they’ll have to wear weighted vests on their run.

After they struggle through their run, they are told that the amount of weight they were carrying was the amount of weight that they’ve lost in the competition.

The contestants head back to the house to have a healthy meal. Adamme says he feels like Latoya is tracking his progress, which makes Adamme uncomfortable.

At rehearsals, Corey reveals that he was very successful in highs school because he was a jock. Latoya also says she enjoyed her first prom. When the contestants head to the house for dinner, they enjoy supporting each other, except Latoya. Adamme calls her out, but she says she doesn’t want to talk to it. Latoya says she doesn’t feel a family bond with anyone in the group. Adamme asks her to not complain in his presence.


The next day, the contestants found out that their guest judge will be former ‘NSync member, Joey Fatone, who was also on Dancing with the Stars. He tells the contestants to just have fun.

It’s prom night, and the contestants are ready to celebrate!

Latoya is up first, and she’s got to do a front walkover for her trick. Her technique is perfect, as usual. She completes her trick with just a little wobble. She even does some dancing on the judges’ table. The judges praise her skills and her isolations. She gets an overall score of 8.7.

Stephanie is up next, and her trick is a hitch kick. She’s got plenty of flirty attitude and fast footwork. The judges criticize her turns, but praise her energy. She gets an overall score of a 7.


Katie is next. She says she didn’t go to her own prom, so she’s excited. She busts out with a sort of S&M-themed routine, which is a little strange. She still doesn’t seem lights on her feet, and falls out of her spin. She gets an overall score of 7.

Adamme, the golden child, is up next. He has to do a toe-touch, which may be a challenge for him. He has great rhythm and passion in his dancing, and even does a couple lifts. His toe-touch is more of just a leap, however. The judges say it would have been perfect of his toe-touch was a little better. He gets a 8.3 overall.

Michael is challenged to do an axel jump. His routine is fun, and he’s definitely wearing a gold vest. He seems to have really improved, and added more pep to his step. His axel jump is only OK, but it’s a nice routine. The judges say his partner was taking too much of the spotlight. He gets a 7.3 overall.

Corey is up next, and he has to do a barrel turn. His mohawk is in full effect, and he seems much lighter on his feet. His trick does better than most. There’s a strange part when he tries to do some jumps in front of the judges.The judges praise the leaps, but remind him to be careful with the landings. He gets an overall score of a 7.

Now it’s time to move on to the final weigh-in. Two contestants truly separated themselves from the pack, and it’s Latoya and Adamme. One of them will be the winner. After they both weigh-in, it turns out that Adamme beats Latoya by one-tenth of a point.

One of the remaining four contestants will be going home. Michael is up first, and he has a total score of 9 after the weigh-in. Stephanie is up next, and she loses enough to be safe. It is between Corey, Katie and Michael. Corey weighs first, and ends p above Michael. Katie is up last, and does not lose enough weight to stay. She’s sent home, and Michael is safe. Next week, the contestants head to Vegas, and Sin City becomes temptation city.
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