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The Bachelorette: Men Tell All!

July 26, 2010 06:52 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky‘s rejected bachelors regroup to discuss the season with Chris Harrison, and get the opportunity to face Ali again! Read on for all the details!

Men Tell All

Chris Harrison begins the Men Tell All portion of the show by playing a video of Ali remarking on some of the drama from the season.  She talks about feeling sorry for Justin‘s girlfriend,  how many times Kasey uttered the words, ‘guard and protect your heart’, (several hundred), his singing and tattoo, and how Kirk’s scrapbook convinced her to keep him around. She revisits the awkwardness of the taxidermy room visit at Kirk’s dad’s house, and of course, Frank leaving.

Some bloopers that viewers didn’t see are shown next. Roberto nearly hitting Ali in the head while playing baseball, Frank’s family pulling a practical joke on her, and wearing a space helmet while with Kasey at the planetarium.  We also see how a cat and birds interfered with Roberto and Ali’s romantic time, and why Chris N was nicknamed ‘The Phantom.”


The first man on the hot seat is lawyer, Craig R, who admits he was overwhelmed that first night. A couple of the other guys agree. Chris N reveals a t-shirt that says ‘The Phantom’, and explains that this is in response to Justin coming on the show for the wrong reasons and screwing them all over! The others cheer.

The next discussion involves several of the bachelors believing that Kasey was crazy right from the start with his ‘guard and protect her heart’ stuff, which creepily culminated in him getting tattooed! Talk soon turns to Jonathan and Craig M‘s tension-filled relationship, and Justin’s deception.

Craig M isn’t in attendance to defend himself against Jonathan’s accusations, but some of the guys feel Jonathan was wrong to have told Ali he was dangerous. Jonathan defends his decision, saying that Ali asked to be told what they knew.


Talk turns to Kasey, and Ty explains how he thought he was loony tunes, but laughingly adds that he respected that he stayed true to himself the whole way through! A couple of the other guys agree – at least Kasey was there for the right reasons.

Chris Harrison next has them take a look back at Frank and Ali’s journey before they discuss his decision. Chris asks the guys to reflect on seeing Ali so upset. Craig R defends Frank’s intentions, but some of the others believe he was selfish. Kasey thinks Frank took the safe way out.  Ty thinks Frank’s feelings caught up with him, but has to say it was selfish to go that far.

Kasey is called up to the hot seat and looks back on his journey in the house and with Ali. They talk about how Kasey was not only rejected, but for Justin, who was on the two-on-one date and got the rose. Chris asks if he feels like he came on too strong. Kasey says maybe he did – for Ali – but he was being himself. Chris points out that the songs were uncomfortable, but Kasey protests that he was having fun. Chris asks what possessed him to get the tattoo. Kasey says the tattoo is who he is, and the ‘guard and protect her heart’ sentiment will apply to his future wife.  He adds that at least he’s a good memory to Ali.


Kirk is next to join Chris Harrison and take a look back at his time with Ali. He admits that he had strong enough feelings to propose to her after she met his family. Kirk expresses frustration that Frank stayed on longer than him, even though he had feelings for an ex.

Now it’s time to examine the Justin drama. The guys watch footage of his departure, then sound off on how they all knew he was there for the wrong reasons. Chris Harrison notes that Justin chose not to be on the show tonight, and asks if they felt lied to as well.  Ty talks about how Justin put on a big show for them, including waterworks, so they were played as well.  Craig R speaks for the group, saying none of them want to be friends with Justin, or care about him. Kirk describes hearing Justin on the phone in Iceland when he called Jessica. Craig clears the air about Justin’s accusations that the producers and Chris Harrison were involved – saying that’s a crock.


A friend of Ali’s from Jake’s season, Jesse, who brought out Justin’s secret, is brought out to join Chris Harrison.  She describes how she received an email from Jessica asking for advice about her boyfriend Justin. She explains that Justin kept his Facebook page up during the show and that Jessica saw another girl, Kimberly, posting there about how much she missed him. Jesse says she saw Justin’s messages to Jessica while he was on The Bachelorette and called the producers with what she knew.

Ali finally joins Chris Harrison, and expresses her nervousness at seeing the guys again.  She talks about what an emotional ride the show was for her.  Ali tells Chris that it was difficult letting guys go, but the situation with Frank in Tahiti was rock bottom.  Kirk tells Ali his experience with her showed him he is ready to find someone. Kasey jokes with Ali about leaving him on a glacier, then serenades her. Ali and Chris laugh hysterically when he intones, “You chose that dumbass Rated R…”


Next, they watch some hilarious outtakes and bloopers, including one where Ali is interrupted by a mouse!

Finally it’s time to look at Ali’s journey with Roberto,  and then with Chris. Ali will take these two men to meet her family next week in the season finale!

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