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America’s Got Talent: Third Wave of Quarter-Finalists Perform Live!

July 27, 2010 08:04 PM by Candace Young


This week in Hollywood, it’s time for the third wave of twelve quarter-finalists to perform live on America’s Got Talent‘s on NBC! Nick Cannon introduces the judges;  Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan, before reminding viewers that the talent tonight will have to impress them, as well as America in order to move on! Keep reading for highlights from the performances…and then vote for your favorite!

The South Philly Vikings are the first group in the spotlight tonight.  The creative dance troupe made up of regular types begins with an intense light and sound display followed by energetic costumed routine. Piers hits the buzzer before they finish. By way of explanation, Piers calls them overgrown children in robot costumes. Sharon apologizes for Piers, and tells them they have immense vision – she thinks it’s really good entertainment. Howie says he’s somewhere in between, adding that he’s not really sure how to classify them – but they’re phenomenal!


12 year-old rapper, CJ Dippa, takes the stage next.  After describing how chicks have been calling his phone, CJ gets down to business with a rap about how far he’s come in the competition. Sharon tells him it was brilliant. Howie is impressed that he is bringing his own songs and singing and dancing – he’s a triple threat! Piers complains that he couldn’t understand a word he says, but notes he has stage presence like a star!

Harmonica Pierre, who has been playing his whole life – and that’s a long time – performs live in Hollywood!  Pierre takes the stage accompanied by dancers, and oddly, plays Soul Sister. Howie isn’t sure the harmonica wows viewers enough to win this contest.  Piers agrees somewhat with Howie, but notes that he’s one of the best technical harmonica player he’s seen.  Sharon loves what he did tonight, and says it’s up to America.


Gymnast Polina Volchek  graces the Hollywood stage now in a bid to move to the semi-finals.  Doing incredible moves that make her look like a double-jointed insect, Polina is mesmerizing. Piers buzzes, however, and when asked why, says it was boring.  Sharon disagrees, and comments on Polina’s timing being fantastic. Howie also thinks Piers is totally wrong, telling her she is a Vegas show!

The Strange Familiar is up next. They have played together, and two have been in love with each other, since grade school! Looking more polished than previously, the band tackles Time After Time. It’s a solid performance, but not overly exciting.  Sharon, being brutally honest, says she didn’t love the song choice.  Howie tells them they were good, but it was missing the wow factor.  Piers feels that twenty seconds of it were good,  and goes on to suggest that the singer dump the rest of the band!


Haspop, who has traveled from France to make a better life for his family, is up now in Hollywood.  He offers a unique mix of dance, mime, and comedy.  Tonight he acts out the story of coming to America and is intriguing and entertaining! Howie says that’s what he’s talking about – wow! He loved it! Piers calls it the performance of the night so far.  Sharon says it was spectacular, and agrees with Piers!

Luigi who plays the guitar and sings, daydreams about winning the show, and takes the next step toward that end now. His song comes across rather generic. Piers buzzes him,  saying he actually wasn’t as good as some they’ve already put through. Sharon admits he started off shaky, but thinks he’s got great potential. Howie says tonight did not go that well for him, but he hopes America remembers what he did before.


Chipps Cooney, an illusionist, who Howie categorizes as a comedian whose character is a bad magician, takes the stage live. He comes out on a toy car, covers it with a cloak and then pushes it away with his foot. The seventy-something entertainer then announces he’s going back to his roots – as a Chippendale’s dancer! Things get pretty scary until all three judges buzz him! Sharon asks if he has a diaper on under his boxers.  Howie wonders why he abandoned the sad sack magician act.  Piers argues that he’s a complete imbecile – the same as last time! He labels him the greatest train wreck in the history of the show!

Kaya and Sadie, the belly dancers who were so very popular with Piers and Howie, are doing their thing in Hollywood! In white costumes with hot pink veils, they swirl and mesmerize. A couple of boy toys bearing palm fronds act as accessories.  Howie stammers and grins – and admits he wasn’t judging, just watching! Piers tells them their bellies are charming and he hopes they go a long way! Sharon tells them they were fantastic and they would sell out!


Jeremy Van Schoonhoven, the stunt bike rider, tells Nick what he’s given up in order to pursue his dream, before taking to the Hollywood stage.  In a stunning ‘wow’ moment, he actually hops his bike across bars while blindfolded! Intense! Piers is suitably impressed with his ability as a natural showman. Sharon tells him he was fantastic! Howie says it was incredible and hopes America could sense the danger they felt!

Debra Romer, the soft-spoken singer, is next in the spotlight on America’s Got Talent.  Debra looks beautiful, and her performance is breathy and mellow. Sharon thinks she should be proud of herself. Howie feels that she is growing, and is very talented.  He’s not keen on the vulnerability.  Piers calls that claptrap – she’s a star!


Studio One Young Beast Society is the last to perform tonight.  They are hoping to change the way America views hip hop dance.  Their performance is technically exceptional, and they have some unbelievable stunts in their choreography. Howie is wowed, and tells them it was great! Piers totally agrees, saying they are creative, talented, and dedicated – they ended the show on a brilliant note! Sharon loves that she sees their personalities come through – she congratulates them!

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