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Hell’s Kitchen: Final Four Fight For The Top Three Spots

July 27, 2010 06:50 PM by Lisa Princ


Gordon Ramsay is back tonight heating up the kitchen on FOX as the final four contestants compete for the final three spots on Hell’s Kitchen. But with Chef Ramsay tossing surprises at them at every turn, who will have what it takes to make it to the top, and who will crash and burn? Keep reading for all the details!

For their challenge tonight on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay gives the final four contestants a cooking lesson as he shows them how to create a delicious monkfish dish. Then comes the fun part where Chef Ramsay brings in four bachelors who know nothing about cooking for the contestants to teach how to make the monkfish dish he just created. Benjamin, being a cooking instructor thinks he has this one in the bag, while Jay and the girls seem a bit nervous.

When the dishes are complete though and Chef Ramsay tastes them, it was in fact Jay and Holli’s dishes that rated top notch with Chef Ramsay, not Benjamin’s. Benjamin’s bachelor claimed he was waiting for direction from Ben….not surprising considering how well he communicates during dinner service. Chef Ramsay gives the win to Jay who is then told he will be taken on a surprise trip and asked to choose one person to take with him. While Jay seems to struggle with the decision, it was no surprise that he chose Holli. Holli and Jay spent the day cruising around in the Goodyear blimp while Autumn and Benjamin were in charge of cleaning, prepping and all the normal punishment of Hell’s Kitchen while under the observation of Jean Philippe.


When it was time for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, the final four were given another surprise by Chef Ramsay when he did something he has never done on the show before. Yes, this was not what I was thinking when I saw the previews, but he allowed the final four to decide which stations they would run for the evening. They all chose the station that they knew they would excel at and got to work. Dinner service started off on a sour note with Autumn removing some of Holli’s fish and Chef Ramsay accusing her of sabotage, in which she denied.

Benjamin had some issues with his beef not being done on time, while Jay struggled a bit as well. Holli also suffered some setbacks while cooking her fish, but eventually all four chefs came together. Chef Ramsay was disappointed that once again he did not see Benjamin step up and be a leader, but instead Jay stood up and took charge of the kitchen. Maybe we are finally starting to see a leader emerge? At the end of service Chef Ramsay was pleased that not one dish was sent back, but he still asked Jay to choose two teammates to put up for elimination.


While Jay had no problem choosing his first elimination contender in Autumn on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, he struggled with whether to add Ben or Holli to the chopping block with Autumn. In the end he chose Benjamin, claiming Holli had a great service and has been more consistent but I think we all know there is more to it than just that. After pleading their cases to Chef Ramsay, he called Autumn up and told her to get back in line.

With Benjamin now sweating, he was also told to get back in line and that no one was going home due to their great dinner service. Chef Ramsay did have one final surprise for the final four though as he brought in some of their family members to visit for a little while. Chef Ramsay informs the final four that next week will bring an even bigger surprise and what they don’t know is that two contestants are going to be eliminated next week!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for an all new drama filled episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX as it looks like the romance gets serious and so does Chef Ramsay! Remember to catch the season premiere of Gordon Ramsay‘s new show MasterChef at 9 pm EST! Be sure to catch them both!

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