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Masterchef: Gordon Ramsay Debuts Series Premiere

July 27, 2010 08:40 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on FOX, Gordon Ramsay debuts the series premiere of his newest culinary competition, Masterchef. With Top Chef Masters contestant and Top Chef guest judge Graham Elliot, as well as Joe Bastianich, owner of twenty of America’s top restaurants, judging by his side, they will travel the country in search of the best amateur cooks. With $250k and the publication of their very own cookbook at stake, who will have what it takes to become Masterchef? Keep reading to find out how the first auditions end up!

Masterchef on FOX takes us to L.A. tonight where the best one hundred contestants were invited after Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich traveled the country to find them. Each contestant will have to cook their signature dish for the judges in one hour, and out of these one hundred contestants, only thirty will make it to the next round. First up, we met Chris who cooks almost everything with beer. Today he cooked beer cheese soup for the judges, but they were not impressed. Graham was the only yes on the panel, while Gordon Ramsay told Chris that was the worst soup he had ever tasted, yikes!


The cooking only got worse from there as next up we met a bunch of hopefuls who could not win an apron, including one woman who claimed she got her experience from dating chefs. Gordon quickly told her she needed to keep dating them because that’s as close as she would get to becoming a chef! Then we met Suzette, a professional soccer player turned cook who seemed to be more like a professional flirt to me. While Gordon thought she was funny, her fish tacos with mango salsa did not go over well with him, in fact they came right back out of his mouth and it was an immediate no from the panel. At this point the judges were disappointed that they had not given out an apron yet, and then Michael walked in and cooked them a duck breast. They were not only impressed with his food, but also with the way he moved liked a chef and he got three yes’s and an apron, the first of the night!

The good luck streak seemed to continue on Masterchef on FOX as one by one the judges were giving out aprons. Then we met Tracy, a physician from GA who was trying to cook her deceased mother’s recipes. Tracy had alot of energy and it showed in her chicken dish and she won the judges over and got an apron. Then we had Dave, a software engineer with a strange confident attitude, who claimed he was making a bouillabaisse, despite Gordon telling him it takes at least two days to make a bouillabaisse. Even though Gordon gave him a big fat no because he was not crazy about his joker attitude, but Joe and Elliot both gave him a yes and he left crying with his apron…..I am not looking forward this one during the competition.


Included in the next round of aprons on Masterchef on FOX was Avis, a volunteer with the elderly who loves to cook southern style. That southern style won the judges over as her catfish impressed despite the fact that her pasta was overcooked…ah well, what’s a tiny detail? Following Avis was Randy, the farmer, who was immediately asked by Gordon Ramsay if he was too old to be wearing jean overalls. Randy was making “funeral potatoes” which were a dish that his mother would bring over to a wake which was supposed to be like a loaded bakes potato but looked more like a heart attack in a casserole dish. Butter, butter, butter and mayonnaise along with the fact that the dish was very outdated gave Randy three no’s from the judges.

The last hopeful of the evening on Masterchef on FOX was Faruq, who had sacrificed a lot for his family. Faruq was very confident and had a great personality as he danced around the kitchen. He decided to play it simple by making a homestyle macaroni and cheese with bacon and parmesan butterfly crisps…yes butterflies! Joe was emotionless while tasting but Graham seemed to enjoy it. Gordon started by telling him that since it was just macaroni and cheese, it needed to be perfect and he was disappointed at the lack of salt. After inviting Faruq’s family in to join him and making him sweat a bit, he was the lucky recipient of the last apron of the night!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 9 pm EST for an all new fun filled episode of Masterchef on FOX.

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