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Big Brother 12: Matt’s Plan Backfires!

July 28, 2010 07:21 PM by Ryan Haidet


Things are blowing up the Brigade’s plan for the week after the Power Of Veto shook up the Big Brother 12 house.  It all started with everybody shocked that Matt nominated Andrew and Kathy for eviction — two non-threatening players.  But his real plan has been all along to backdoor one of them after pulling Andrew off the chopping block through the POV.  But as we all know, pawns are often the ones who get hurt the most…

Backdooring Brendon

Andrew, Hayden and Kristen got together and talked about the crazy nominations.  Andrew kept saying the whole thing was stupid, which Hayden truly agreed with.  Later on outside, the Brigade got together to discuss the plan to backdoor Brendon or Rachel.   “One of them is going home this week,” Matt said.  “Got to.”


As always, the Head of Household and two nominees pick one player each by random draw to participate in the POV competition.  This week Matt selected Brendon, which is not what anybody in the Brigade was hoping for because now he has a chance to win.  Kathy selected Lane just moments before Andrew picked Rachel.  “I thought God loved me.  What sin did I do this week?” Andrew asked in confessional.

Andrew was starting to get worried that Matt’s plan to place him on the chopping block as a pawn was going to backfire.  He was worried that Matt had made a mistake and that he might actually be sent packing on Thursday night instead of Brendon or Rachel.

Numbers Game

The houseguests went into the backyard for the POV competition where they saw a variety of random objects.  This was a repeat of challenges we have seen several times in the past.  There were different amounts of the various objects including candles and fish eyeballs.  The first person to get three points when guessing the actual numbers of items would win the power.  When all was said and done (this challenge sucked up way too much of the episode), Brendon ended up winning the competition, which was the Brigade’s worst nightmare.  Brendon and Rachel were psyched.  “The people that are trying to get us out of this house are not winning, we are,” Brendon shouted in a confessional.  “Guess what people?  You better watch out because this house is being taken over by Brenchel!”  See, “Brenchel” doesn’t work for me.  I still like calling them Pukefest.  It’s more fitting.  Agree?

Shake Ups

The Brigade (Matt, Enzo, Lane and Hayden) was frustrated with Matt since his backdoor plan against Brendon was backfiring in their face.  In a private discussion, Matt and Andrew talked about the mess they are now facing.  Matt said he was hoping there would be a tie at the vote Thursday night so he could cast the final vocal ballot and take out Kathy.  That way he could prove to Andrew he is a trustworthy guy.  Andrew was still upset with Matt’s plan and didn’t want him holding his fate.  “It was a stupid plan to begin with,” Andrew said as he walked out of the bedroom.


At the Veto Ceremony, Brendon did the best thing he could.  He chose not to use the POV and kept the nominations intact.  But before Brendon made his decision, he and Andrew concocted a plan to convince the house they were at odds.  They thought more people would keep Andrew around if they believed he was against the power couple.  So when Andrew was given the opportunity to speak at the Veto Ceremony, he vowed to come after Brendon and Rachel, but then proceeded to ask for the Veto to be used in his favor.  The rest of the house thought it was the craziest thing they ever heard.  Matt didn’t buy it for a single second.

Now with Matt’s plan to backdoor Brendon or Rachel no longer an option, the Brigade had to determine what to do next.  Is Kathy going to be sent packing or will Andrew — the pawn for the week — be the guy going home?  I think this is the most important eviction of the game up to this point.

I can’t wait!

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