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Real World: Jemmye Has Deeper Feelings For Knight

July 28, 2010 08:22 PM by Jennifer


 Since the season of Real World on MTVbegan, Knight has been trying to sleep with Jemmye, and now that he has, he may live to regret it. Keep reading to see what Jemmye has to say!

During a parade through New Orleans during Mardi Gras, the roommates get to ride on a float and toss beads to the screaming crowds. They get so desperate for food, they actually trade beads for food from strangers in the crowd! They are having a good time, until McKenzie starts to get drunk, and she has made it known in the past that she likes to drink and she blacks out. After the parade is over, the roommates go to an after party, and during the party Preston and Ryan go outside for a smoke and decide to squash the argument they have constantly. They agree to be nice, because they have to live together. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Then there is McKenzie, who is walking around the party three sheets to the wind, hugging random guys, and is a target for all of the creeps that like to hit on drunk girls. Luckily after mych prodding, she goes home with her roommates instead of some 40 year old man that was hitting on her. Sahar, who seems like one of the calmest people in the house, talks to McKenzie about how drunk she gets. She meets a guy named Travis, who can carry on a conversation, but he is not a big drinker, which makes McKenzie drink less. She actually had a pretty sober night! Which was nice to see! She even brings him back to the house for a bit, then he goes home, and Preston is happy to see that McKenzie is realizing that she can still have a great time without getting wasted.

Also when they get home on tonight’s Real World on MTV, Jemmye and Knight are in bed and they are talking about Jemmye’s open relationship with a guy back where she lives. She gets out of bed and calls her “boyfriend” Kodi, and is a little disturbed when he sounds like something is bothering him on the phone. She thinks Knight came into her life for a reason, but is not sure she wants to let her “boyfriend” go. But when Knight goes out with Ryan, he is asked how he feels about Jemmye. Knight sees her as a good friend, and Ryan said he could see them as dating. Unfortunately for Jemmye, Knight says he does not agree. The roommates can also see a connection between the two. But while Ryan is with Knight, Jemmye is getting ready to go see her man from back home play basketball at a local college. But a quick phone call from her mom telling her to be honest prompts Jemmye to really think about what she wants.


So when they are out that night, Jemmye gets really upset to see Knight talking with other girls, and he makes it worse when he gets home and calls one of the girls from the bar and invites her to the house! So after Jemmye comes in the room all pissed out, Knight hangs up on the girl while giving her directions, and Jemmye drags him into the confessional. He is totally drunk, and tells her to talk to him when she takes care of her stuff back home. e lays down the law, that he enjoys her and cares about her, but if she wants to see the Knight he can truly be, she must settle things with her man back home. Which makes sense, because juggling two guys is not a good thing.

So the next morning on Real World on MTV, Jemmye and Ashlee head out to Baton Rouge to see Kodi’s game, and after the game is over she goes to meet him out behind the arena, and he is surprised to see her there, and there is a reason. His family is there, about 20 members of his family, and they are not really pleased to see him with Jemmye. His sister even goes up to Jemmye and asks who she is, because Kodi apparently has not told them about her. Jemmye tells her that they are neighbors and they live close to each other. Then Jemmye tells Kodi that she and Ashlee have a long ride ahead of them, and they take off. When she gets back to the house, she is clearly upset about what happened. She gets in bed with Knight and realizes that he is just what she wants, and she has a better connection with him than with Kodi.

As Fat Tuesday rolls around, Jemmye shows her boobs for some beads, and as the night approaches, Jemmye tells Knight that she was in a physically abusive relationship, which she has never shared with anyone. When they get back to the house, they are in the confessional, Knight is drunk, and he says that he really cares about her, and he gets upset about the fact that she was abused. It seems as though there is a relationship on the horizon.

Will Knight and Jemmye become a couple? See you after the show next week to find out!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM for another episode of Real World on MTV! See you after the show!

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