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Top Chef: Power Lunch With A Side Of Sabotage?!

July 28, 2010 07:54 PM by Lisa Princ


Top Chef on Bravo kicks up the drama tonight as the contestants must cook a power lunch for The Palm. With the winning dish featured in the magazine and the winner’s picture on the wall, will one contestant do whatever it takes to finally nab a win? Keep reading for all the juicy details!

First up on Top Chef on Bravo was the quickfire challenge. Joined by Aaron Shock, representative for the eighteenth district in Illinois, Padma announced that this week the challenge would be creating a full flavored meal that would be served appetizer sized on a toothpick. The winner of this challenge would be double blessed by gaining immunity in the elimination as well as receiving twenty thousand dollars! The contestants nearly trampled one another to get to the proteins and ingredients, since this appetizer needed to pack a punch in a tiny package. I was surprised at what an easy time most of the chefs had doing this, aside from Amanda who seemed to struggle with what to do as she claimed she hates doing appetizers.

After Aaron tasted the appetizers, he decided that the worst ones were Kelly, who made a scallop and watermelon kabob, Ed, who did two different styles of tuna, and Alex, who created a scallop kabob with bacon and strawberries, yuck! The top dishes were Kevin, who created a grilled pork kabob with cherry jus, Angelo, who did a cucumber cup with spiced shrimp and cashew, and Stephen who did scallop, beef and potato but it was the portion that impressed the most on his dish. In the end though, there could only be one winner and that person was Angelo…no shock there. He didn’t seem thrilled to win, he just wanted to move on to the next round, probably because he knew he had immunity.

For the elimination challenge on Top Chef on Bravo the contestants would be creating a power lunch for The Palm D.C. using the main proteins on their regular menu. Each contestant would be judged against everyone, even if they pulled the same protein as someone else. Amanda, who pulled porterhouse steak decided to cut two steaks out of it and remove the bone, which Kelly thought was a bad idea. Kevin and Kenny both pulled lamb, luckily they would not be judged just against one another as these two have become good friends.


Then things start to heat up on Top Chef, or at least the gossip does when Tiffany and Ed are caught chatting and having a good time, innocently off course. They seem to be good friends to me, and from what Tiffany said she has no interest in Ed as she has a boyfriend at home, guess we shall see how this one turns out. The drama carries over to the kitchen as Amanda wants to use Kelly’s salt and Kelly refuses to share claiming she had only brought enough for herself, and secretly complaining that Amanda never brings her seasonings. I hope that doesn’t backfire on either Amanda or Kelly!

Alex, who mysteriously did not know what he was going to make with his Salmon the night before told everyone he had some English peas to use. Kenny then informed Alex that Ed also had English peas in which he pureed for his lobster dish. Ironically the next morning, Ed’s peas went missing and Alex had an English pea puree which he certainly did not have enough time to make that day. Ed and Tiffany knew something was up, but did not say anything, instead Ed added broccolini and peas to his dish and went on. Did Alex steal Ed’s English pea puree and sabotage Ed’s dish? You’ll have to watch that and judge for yourself, but I think he did.

At the judges table on Top Chef on Bravo, the top three dishes coincidentally were Tiffany, Ed and Alex. When Tiffany and Ed heard the judges say how much they loved Alex’s pea puree, their looks could have killed…why they didn’t say something was beyond me, especially since the judges chose Alex as the winner. Alex would get his dish featured in the magazine and he would also get his picture on the wall of The Palm, but at what cost did he win?

The bottom three of the elimination challenge were Kelly, who not surprisingly had over salted her dish instead of sharing with Amanda, guess she should have thrown it out if she didn’t want to share. Joining her were Kevin, who made hislamb a bit too spicy and Andrea, who chose to do vanilla in with her swordfish, which killed her dish for the judges. After a tough deliberation, the judges decided that Kelly and Kevin made careless mistakes, while Andrea’s was bigger as her dish was not good at all. Padma then asked Andrea to pack her knives and leave! Good luck to Andrea! Be sure to tune in next week for another new episode of Top Chef on Bravo!

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One Response to “Top Chef: Power Lunch With A Side Of Sabotage?!”

  1. Jennifer Eccles Says:
    July 28th, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    I totally agree! I think Alex stole the pea puree! What a sneaky thing to do. If someone accused me of taking something that I did not take, I would be doing everything I could to prove I did not do it. Instead, he just said no and that was it. Sneaky!!


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