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Work of Art: Opposites Attract

July 28, 2010 10:36 PM by alison.bills


This week on Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, the remaining contestants are put into teams of two, and must create works of art with opposing themes. Some of the artists work well, while other clash as powerfully as their themes.

Only two more challenges to determine who will make it to the final! This week, the artists will work in teams to create pieces with opposing themes. To find out who they will be working with, as well as their team, they pick paint tubes. Abdi ends up Nicole. With the theme “Order and Chaos.” Peregrine and Mark get “Heaven and Hell.” Jaclyn and Miles get “Male and Female.” One team will one the challenge, but only one artist will lose and go home.

The artists start working. Nicole says she wants to do something with order, so Abdi is stuck with chaos. Miles dictates his team, as usual. Miles decides to build a wall, and them punch it, showing a man losing control. Jaclyn decides she wants to do a painting.

As for Mark and Peregrine, they seem to think very differently. Mark is much for literal than Peregrine. Peregrine brings up Mark’s scar, but Mark says he didn’t see it as a hell-ish experience.

The artists head off to the store. Abdi continues her bad habit of doing too much. Mark still emphasizes that he doesn’t understand why they are using his scar as the theme. Miles, the master manipulator, convinces Jaclyn to paint herself nude, but also makes her feel that its her idea.


When the artists head back to the workroom, Mark again emphasizes that he’s not really comfortable with photographic his own shirtless body. Miles tells Jaclyn that she should take photos of herself masturbating for her painting. She hides herself in the corner so no one can see her painting, which is strange since it will eventually be shown in the gallery. Miles starts his construction project, and does some practice punches.

Peregrine continues to take control of Mark’s work. He continues to be uncomfortable with his portrait. Speaking of uncomfortable, Adbi can’t seem to come up with his “Chaos” piece. Nicole does some artistic babble, but it doesn’t seem to be helping Abdi at all.

Simon de Pury stops by to check out the contestant’s pieces. He’s intrigued by Jaclyn and Miles’ piece. Nicole’s “Control” piece seems to be much more complete than Abdi’s. Simon seems concerned that Abdi’s painting will not show chaos.


As the artists continue to work, Miles decides to add tar to his piece. Abdi’s piece is not showing chaos at all. The artists finish for the day at midnight. Mark moves into Abdi and Miles’ room.

The next day, Peregrine calls her husband for encouraging words. The artists scramble as usual to finish their pieces. Peregrine decides she needs to add cigarettes to the piece, so she travels the streets to find abandoned cigs. Mark is not a fan.

Jaclyn suggests that Miles build a structure to connect their pieces. Everyone races to finishes their pieces.

It’s time for the show. Abdi is doubting his work. The judges arrive, including guest judge Ryan McGinnes. Peregrine and Mark are proud of their piece. The judges keep all the artists for the crit.

Peregrine and Mark explain that Mark’s stomach exploded when he was a child. The judges say it was a little too literal for “Heaven and Hell.” Mark and Peregrine both throw each other under the bus, Mark accusing Peregrine of forcing the idea, and Peregrine accusing Mark of not giving enough. Miles of course has to say something.


Miles and Jaclyn’s “Male and Female” piece is praised by the judges. Miles says his piece is about hitting the wall, while Jaclyn says her piece is about masturbation.

Nicole and Abdi’s “Chaos and Order” piece is not as well-loved by the judges. They especially have a problem with Abdi’s “Chaos” half because it looks too controlled. They call it uninspired and unoriginal. Ouch.

The judges announce the winners, and it’s Miles and Jaclyn, of course. The loser is not as clear of a choice. Mark is sent home. Chine Chow sheds some serious tears.

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