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Big Brother 12: A Night Of Fights!

July 29, 2010 06:51 PM by Ryan Haidet


The Big Brother 12 house rocked with fights, arguments and accusations as Andrew and Kathy faced eviction.  With one of the most insane final pleas ever made in the house and a catty fight as the credits started rolling, tonight’s episode delivered the Big Brother drama that fans relish.  But that’s not all, it sounds like the saboteur may make a return to twist up the game once again…

Andrew’s Collapse

It all sparked after Andrew delivered his crazy speech during the Power of Veto ceremony in which he told Brendon and Rachel he was gunning for them.  In a bizarre move, Andrew then immediately asked for Brendon to use the POV on him.  Huh?  Well if you weren’t paying close attention, Brendon and Andrew concocted that speech in a scheme to convince the rest of the house they were rivals.  Rachel was stunned by Andrew’s remarks and — ready for a shocker??? — she cried about it.  Everybody together now, “Awwwww…”  Please, gag me.


Although Rachel fell for the goofy plot, Matt, Ragan, Lane and Britney were onto Andrew’s scheme and were convinced he was a liar.  Once they had a chance to themselves, Matt pulled Andrew aside and told him nobody was buying his Veto garbage.

Outside, Rachel was angry with Brendon that he was keeping secrets from her.  To try and ease her worries as he always tries to do, Brendon stared in her eyes (I just puked in my mouth) and said he would never risk their safety.  He went in for a kiss and said he loved her, but she didn’t reciprocate.  Instead she backed away and turned down his kiss.  Wow.  Pukefest is splintering.  Rock on!


Round 1!

Andrew went into the bathroom and openly addressed both Kristen and Kathy by telling them not to play him anymore.  Huh?  Did I miss something?!?!?!  Naturally, Kristen, who has been virtually invisible until tonight’s shindig, was very upset and told him she didn’t like the way he was acting.  As her frustration with Andrew continued to build, Kristen started yelling at him about the situation.

This fight led the Brigade alliance of Matt, Lane, Enzo and Hayden to believe that keeping Andrew’s negativity in the house might be a good idea since it would be a distraction from them.

Matt’s Wife Weighs In

The woman who Matt claims has been at home suffering from a painful illness had the opportunity to offer her thoughts on the lies.  She said it wasn’t the best thing for Matt to lie about her being sick, but defended him by saying he truly isn’t a malicious person.  Moments later when Matt did his one-on-one private interview with Julie from his HOH bedroom, he said he had no regrets in creating the lie.  He argued that he is the strongest player to ever compete in the Big Brother house and was there to win it all at any expense.  So sell out your wife, become a dirtbag and have America hate you?  Good plan.  Moron.


Round 2!

Before the live vote was held and things got bonkers, Julie Chen offered a gift to the houseguests — a week where nobody has to eat slop.

As is tradition, each of the two nominees were given the opportunity to address the entire house.  Kathy gave a safe, yet boring speech describing her morals, integrity and loyalty.  But when Andrew stood up next he didn’t waste any time.  He quickly admitted he was never really after Brendon and Rachel like he tried to perceive.  Instead he argued that the house needs him to help break up the secret showmance between Hayden and Kristen.  He revealed to everybody that the pair had spent many nights kissing and cuddling while trying to keep it secret even though he caught them several times.  But his rapid chatter didn’t end there.  He started accusing Kristen of poking fun at Britney, claiming control over Ragan and insulting Enzo’s intelligence.  “Watch out for Kristen guys,” Andrew finished as he plopped back down on the couch.  Wow.  Kristen’s dropped jaw summed up everything.  She was angry and started shouting at Andrew saying his statements were lies.  But Julie popped in and took control telling Kristen it wasn’t her time to talk.


See Ya!

After everybody offered the votes in the Diary Room, it was unanimous by a vote of 8-0 to knock Andrew out of the house.  When Julie revealed the final tally, Andrew rose to his feet and offered hugs before wishing everybody well.  He then grabbed his bag and walked out the front door where he greeted Julie with a huge smile.  “Wow.  That was the best last-plea speech I’ve ever seen,” Julie said.  The only interesting thing about his exit interview came when Julie told him Matt was in fact lying about his wife’s illness.  Andrew didn’t look too shocked since he was suspicious about it from the start.


Power Changes Hands — Again

In the live HOH competition, the houseguests went face to face in a series of questions.  After seven questions, only two contestants remained — Lane and Rachel.  The final question brought victory to Rachel who became HOH for the second time this season.  She rushed over and jumped up into Brendon’s arms with excitement as many of the other houseguests slunked their shoulders down with disgust.

Before closing out for the evening, Julie revealed that Pandora’s Box makes its return next Thursday, but that’s not all — one of the remaining contestants will be offered the opportunity to be the new saboteur.  Yes, the lame twist that failed by the first eviction this summer is possibly coming back.  Based on America’s vote for the next week, the contestant who gets the most votes will be given the chance to take on the role of saboteur.  Blech.  I’m over this.


Round 3!

As the live show went to the credits, Rachel and Kristen erupted into a huge fight.  Kristen said she already knew both herself and Hayden would be the targets for the week.  Not arguing that fact, Rachel thanked her for making the decision such a simple one.  Wow.  What a great episode!

Anybody up for round 4?!?!?!


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