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So You Think You Can Dance 7/29/10: Two Eliminations, Step Up 3D, Christian TV, and Allison Iraheta!

July 29, 2010 08:15 PM by Nancy Floyd


Two dancers are being eliminated on tonight’s new episode of So You Think You Can Dance! After delivering some of the most amazing routines of this season on last night’s episode, the top 6 finalists will learn their fate tonight. This is the last week where the judges get to decide who is going home. From here on out, America’s votes determines the eliminations. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode which included special performances from the cast of Step Up 3-D, singer Christian TV, and American Idol finalist Allison Iraheta

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance begins with a fun, quirky, and awesome group routine choreographed by Mia Michaels. This performance makes me realize how much I miss seeing Mia Michaels choreograph every week. Noticeably absent from the group routine is Lauren, who injured herself at the end of last night’s episode, but fortunately Cat Deeley assures everyone that Lauren is doing just fine.


Cat Deeley introduces the judges, Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels, and Adam Shankman, joined by Toni Redpath, and Nigel takes a moment to announce the prizes that this year’s winner will take home. In addition to $250,000 and the cover of Dance Spirit magazine, the winner will also be featured as the first dance athlete for Gatorade and be a part of a Gatorade print series.

Since no one was eliminated on last week’s results show, two dancers are going home tonight. Cat Deeley brings out the first two dancers, Kent and Jose, to learn their fate. One of these two guys will be in the bottom three tonight and not surprisingly, it’s Jose. Those 12-year old voters have mad love for Kent; they wouldn’t dare put their future husband in the bottom three.


AdeChike and Billy join Cat Deeley onstage next to learn how they fared with America. Both guys delivered strong performances during last night’s episode and earned rave reviews from the judges. Unfortunately, Billy is facing elimination tonight in the bottom three which means AdeChike is safe for another week. Poor Billy. I would blame the red jeans and floppy Olde English tie he’s wearing, but people didn’t see that outfit until tonight.

Robert and Lauren are the final two dancers to learn the results. One of them will be joining Billy and Jose in the bottom three. Again, they both did amazing last night and earned great critiques from the judges. The final dancer in danger of elimination tonight is Lauren. Robert looks believably stunned by the news as he was clearly expecting to be in the bottom three yet again.


Before the final three dancers take the stage to dance for their lives, Cat Deeley takes a moment to shamelessly promote Adam Shankman’s new movie, Step Up 3-D. Although I’m not in fact a 14-year old girl, I have to admit that I totally want to see this movie. Especially since it includes So You Think You Can Dance alums like Ivan (season 2), Joshua (season 4 winner), Legacy (season 6), and All-Star Twitch. And they’re in 3-D!! It’ll be like they’re dancing in my lap. If only shirtless Pasha would make an appearance. In the movie or in real life. Either way.

After the preview airs, the Step Up 3-D Dancers (yeah, that’s seriously what they’re called) take the stage for a performance. Basically it involves a lot of cool hip-hop and breaking, fancy lights, and a poor man’s version of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. Pretty sick performance overall though, especially the guy who spins on his head for roughly 20 minutes after the routine.


Next up, a painful performance from pop singer Christian TV. While backed up by what can only be described as a group of synchronized swimmers, he sings his single, When She Turns 18. Not sure who this guy is or how he made it on the show, but my ears are bleeding. And my retinas aren’t too pleased either. The Vanilla Ice haircut he’s rocking is quite a nice addition to his capri pants and black hi-tops.

Cat Deely and company manage to drag this results show out even more by doing another promotion for Nigel Lythgoe’s made-up holiday, National Dance Day. Which reminds me, tomorrow is National Cheesecake Day. For real. Don’t believe me? Google it. Now that’s a holiday I can get on board with.


It’s finally time for Jose, Billy, and Lauren to dance….for….their….lives. Jose sorta flails around onstage for the better part of 30 seconds. Definitely not his finest solo, but I don’t think it matters much this point. The judges are surely going to boot him tonight. Billy takes the stage next and delivers an odd routine that might be his best solo to date. Lastly, Lauren performs for the crowd and the judges and does amazing.

While the judges deliberate, it’s time for another musical performance. This one’s from American Idol finalist, Allison Iraheta, joined by Orianthi. The most awkward part of this rock performance is the contemporary dancers that join them onstage. While Allison Iraheta is rocking out in leather, ripped leggings, and her multi-colored hair, the two lyrical dancers are gracefully performing beside her. Um, one of these things is not like the other.


The judges return from their deliberation to deliver the news about which two dancers will be eliminated tonight. This is the judges’ last opportunity to send someone home. From here on out, the eliminations will be determined solely by America’s votes. The judges have decided to keep Lauren in the competition which means Billy and Jose are going home.

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