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The Bachelorette: Ali Fedotowsky’s Unscripted Finale ‘Does Not Follow Normal Routine’

July 30, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Viewers of ABC‘s The Bachelorette have been speculating for months on who Ali Fedotowsky will choose in the end, or if she’ll walk away from love altogether. It’s down to the final two bachelors, Roberto and Chris L., and everything will be revealed in Monday night’s episode. The Internet has been buzzing with rumors that Ali Fedotowsky dumped both guys in the finale and is still single. She hints at an unusual ending which a rep for ABC says “does not follow the normal routine.” Keep reading for more on Ali Fedotowsky’s tough decision…

For weeks, fans of ABC‘s The Bachelorette have watched Ali Fedotowsky search for love among 25 (mostly) eligible suitors. She’s narrowed the playing field down to two great guys, Roberto and Chris L., but no one seems to know who she’s picked. While spoilers about the entire season have been all over the Internet, every media outlet seems to be reporting something different about the finale. Ali Fedotowsky opens up about her tough decision and her very “real” and unscripted finale.

“I was trying to be smart and fall in love with my heart — but use my head too,” Ali Fedotowsky says about her stint on The Bachelorette. The question is, did she actually fall in love with Roberto or Chris? ”Both of these guys are drop-dead gorgeous, and so kind and sweet and genuine. Both are great guys. I asked myself, ‘Am I going to feel strongly enough to get engaged?’” she tells People magazine. ”To me, an engagement is almost the same as saying ‘I do’ when you’re married. I wasn’t going to give up that moment in my life for the sake of picking someone. I wanted to make sure it was right.”

What everyone is wondering is whether or not Ali Fedotowsky picked anyone in the end. She admits that the finale will definitely be different than what people are expecting. ”It isn’t what people are used to seeing,” she says. “It came from a very real place. It was not scripted.” A rep for ABC confirms that the finale “does not follow the normal routine.”

Although her finale isn’t typical, at least one person had their heart broken in the process. “Sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing to do, and it’s definitely hard to hurt somebody,” Ali Fedotowsky says. “No matter what happens in the end, I hurt somebody.”

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