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Big Brother 12: The Gloves Come Off!

August 01, 2010 07:03 PM by Ryan Haidet


After the most dramatic final plea speech from Andrew last week, the Big Brother house was left shaken.  Rachel and Kristen suddenly became huge enemies as a big fight broke out all throughout the live show.  Hayden and Kristen both denied Andrew’s claims that he witnessed them making out and cuddling.  They knew they were busted when Andrew revealed their secret showmance, which Kristen said in a confessional was her worst nightmare.  Just when she thought they had been very careful with their relationship, it all blew up in their faces.

Angry Aftermath

Just moments after Rachel won Head Of Household, she said, “Floaters you better grab a life vest,” which was a direct remark at Kristen.  That’s when the shouting match started.  Hayden got involved, too, as curse words were getting slung all over the backyard.  Hayden told Rachel she has no common sense.

Their argument eventually brought up something from earlier last week that never originally aired.  We got to see the segment this time as Rachel asked Kristen who her targets would be if she happened to win the power of HOH.  Kristen said she didn’t know what choice she would be making.  Naturally, Rachel forgot what was really said and started telling everybody that Kristen vowed to target her and Brendon.

This is why Rachel vowed to make it her priority to get Kristen out of the house next.  “I am so sick of you Kristen,” Rachel said, “And your lies and your fakeness.”  In a confessional, Kristen called Rachel a “ho-bag” also saying she’s just a jealous person.

Hayden’s Mind

Once they got back in the house, the fight continued in the kitchen as Rachel kept arguing that Kristen was gunning for her and Brendon.  Enzo was happy the fight happened because he believed this was the Brigade’s chance to get Kristen out of the house.  He thought her eviction would help get Hayden’s head back in the game.


Hayden pulled Rachel aside and offered an apology in private.  He said his harsh words after the HOH competition were basically in the heat of the moment.  Of course he was doing this as damage control, which he admitted in a confessional.

OK, can I take a second to point something out that has been driving me insane this season?  Why do Hayden and Rachel not know how to address the camera in the Diary Room?  Have you noticed that all they do is yell really loud when doing their interviews?  What’s the deal?  It’s really getting annoying, and you would think producers would say, “You need to chill because this doesn’t feel natural.”

Just saying…

After talking with her, Hayden went and joined Kristen to discuss the drama.  “I’m just so mad that I didn’t win,” Kristen said.  As they were chatting quietly, Rachel came into the room and apologized to Kristen for her actions.  Kristen quickly sat up and refused to accept Rachel’s apology.  She snapped off some nasty comments again and Rachel walked away.

Hayden was worried that Kristen was going to screw them both up.  So later on that night, Hayden was talking with Enzo and Lane about how crazy the girls are.  He then told them both that if Kristen needs to go, then so be it.

When it came time to see Rachel’s HOH bedroom, Kristen refused to go upstairs.  She wanted no part of it.  But she wasn’t alone in that feeling.  Hayden and Britney both said in confessional that they would have rather died than sat in the room even though they did.

Promotional Garbage

Rachel came out of the Diary Room dressed in a cop uniform to gather the houseguests.  That’s when the television screen in the living room kicked on with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg staring back at the houseguests.  The two actors showed the house a preview for their latest movie — “The Other Guys.”  This was really hard for me to watch as the houseguests laughed at the trailer nonstop — almost like they were forced to.  Anyway, after the trailer, the houseguests gathered to compete in teams of three for the opportunity to watch an advanced screening of that film.  Everybody got dressed in goofy uniforms and joined together outside for a race.  One at a time, the teams rushed through an obstacle course in the backyard — but it was much more difficult since they were all connected to each other while standing inside a prop cop car.

When all three teams completed the race, Hayden, Enzo and Brendon’s trio easily won the contest laughing the entire way through it.

Rachel’s Nominations

After the competition, Britney and Rachel relaxed in the HOH bathtub.  The two made fun of Kristen, which Britney seemed to be enjoying.  But in a confessional, she said she didn’t want to be there for any reason other than ensuring her own personal safety in the competition.

After talking with Hayden in the storage room, Kristen finally buckled and went up to the HOH bedroom.  As she and Rachel discussed the situation, a short war of words broke out again.  The pair did cool off and were able to talk about their troubles.  But one thing was clear — they will never be able to get along in the house.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Rachel did the obivious.  She targeted Hayden and Kristen for eviction this week.  “I fight every day to be here, and frankly I haven’t seen you two fighting.  Furthermore, you’re gunning for me and Brendon, so bring it on.”


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