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Who Will Be The Next Bachelor?

August 01, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


As Ali Fedotowsky’s time as ABC‘s The Bachelorette comes to a close tomorrow night, it’s naturally time to start thinking about who will be looking for love next as The Bachelor. The last five seasons of the dating franchises have starred a contestant from the previous season so it’s safe to assume that the next Bachelor will be a guy that we’ve come to know and love from Ali Fedotowsky’s time on the show. So who will it be? Keep reading to hear from Ali Fedotowsky’s cast-offs about whether or not they’d consider it and to hear who Ali Fedotowsky thinks would be the best choice…

Ali Fedotowsky’s stint as ABC‘s The Bachelorette ends tomorrow night when she chooses either Roberto Martinez, Chris Lambton, or neither guy in Bora Bora. As one season of The Bachelorette ends, another season of The Bachelor is about to begin. It’s a pretty safe bet that the next Bachelor will be one of Ali Fedotowsky’s 25 rejected suitors, considering that the past five seasons have starred a rejected contestant from the previous season (DeAnna Pappas was rejected by Brad Womack, Jason Mesnick was rejected by DeAnna Pappas, Jillian Harris was rejected by Jason Mesnick, Jake Pavelka was rejected by Jillian Harris, and Ali Fedotowsky left during Jake Pavelka’s season…confused yet?).

The question is, which of Ali Fedotowsky’s 25 suitors would make a good Bachelor? Ty Brown thinks it should be Chris Lambton, if he doesn’t end up with Ali on tomorrow’s season finale (and our sources say he doesn’t). “If Chris L. were not to win, not to have Ali’s heart, I think he would be a good bachelor,” Ty says. “I think Craig R., would be a great bachelor. There are a couple of guys on the show that would be ready to fall in love and find somebody.”

Jesse Beck agrees with Ty that Chris Lambton would make a good choice. ”He and I were good buddies and I know a lot about him. He is a stud, so why not?” Jesse says about Chris.

Jonathan (aka The Weatherman) is actually on Team Roberto. “I always said if Roberto did not end up with her, he or Kirk would be good Bachelors next season.” Ali Fedotowsky herself actually agrees with Jonathan that Kirk would be the best choice. “I think Kirk would be really good, I do,” Ali says. “It’s easy to open up and talk to him. I think he’s a genuine person and he’s full of positivity.”

Kirk would be open to becoming the next Bachelor, but he thinks that Roberto and Chris would have to reject the job first before he’d ever be offered. “I think if I were the next Bachelor it would be upon rejection on Roberto and maybe Chris’s part before I was offered,” Kirk says. “And then I would take it for what it is.”

Craig R. sounds off about the choice, saying it might be a difficult one to make considering the guys from this season. ”I think honestly if I look at our cast of guys, there are so many options to choose from,” he says. “I think really any of us would be a great choice.”

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2 Responses to “Who Will Be The Next Bachelor?”

  1. shelby1229 Says:
    August 2nd, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    Chris needs to be the next Bachelor!!!

  2. charchar52 Says:
    August 29th, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Craig R. should definately be the next bachelor.
    He wasn’t right for Ali,but he has the most
    outgoing personality of any of the guys on the
    show.He speaks his mind and I think that would
    be very refreshing in the next bachelor.I think
    he is genuinely looking for love and can spot
    the fakes a mile away.I think any number of women would find that a BIG plus as a love connection.
    Chris L. takes to long to open up to one woman,
    how could he deal with 25?I think Chris L was boring and Ali felt that wasn’t for her.Nothing
    is boring about Craig R.Ali most definately chose
    the right man in Roberto.That was obvious the first night.


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