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Dance Your Ass Off: Temptation City

August 02, 2010 11:55 PM by Rebecca Ford


With only five contestants left, the Dance Your Ass Off contestants get a special surprise this week: They are off to Las Vegas! But the city of sin is packed with temptation, from fatty foods to unhealthy booze. Can the contestants stay on track?

The contestants get a visit from Ashley from the Pussycat Dolls. She has a special surprise for them. She’ll also be a judge for this episode. It turns out that the contestants are going to Las Vegas!

When the contestants arrive, Mel B is in Vegas at their penthouse. She reveals that the city will be a challenge to them because they are on their own as far as their diets and workout. The style for the week is very fitting for Vegas—burlesque. They have to use a prop this week, as an added challenge.

They head out to the nightclub, and Mel B appears. She tells them they should never wait in line. Michael is excited to see vodka, and admits that it’s his vice. Corey stops after one drink, but Michael and Stephanie keep on drinking.


The next day, they head to an even bigger challenge—the buffet. Las Vegas is Adamme’s hometown, so he’s having an even harder time at the buffet. Stephanie gets upset when she finds out that the seaweed salad, which she had three bowls of, had oil in it.

The contestants next meet Ruben, the season one winner! He is a makeup dancer for Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis show. They get to dance with the professionals of the show, and they have a great time.

The contestants return from their quick trip to Vegas, and head to a strip tease cardio class. It’s a sexy sweat!

After rehearsals, it’s time for the show. The costumes are pretty jazzy this week! The group does a fun exhibition piece together for the first time. It’s great to see them all dancing together because that’s rare on this competition show. It’s fittingly to “Waking Up in Vegas.”

Adamme is up first, and he’s dressed as a cop for his rocker number. He, as always, has great energy and there’s lot of hair flipping, but it’s a little slow-paced. The judges praise them for their story, and his prop work. The judges give him a 8.7 overall.

Michael is up next, and he’s playing with a blindfold. It’s very theatrical, and he licks his partner’s arm! There isn’t as much dancing in the first half, which is disappointing. It’s a very stationary routine for most of it. The judges call it “magic” and appreciate the concept. They don’t think the dance was where it should be however, and he gets an average score of 7.3.


Stephanie and her partner have a special relationship, and it shows in their dance. She does some strange lip-synching during the routine, but it’s a fun routine. They have a beautiful red couch that they use as a prop. The judges praise the routine for being fun and sexy, but think her energy went down about two-thirds through the routine. Overall, she gets a 8.7, the highest dance score she’s ever had.

Latoya says her thinner body makes her feel sexy, and she shows that off in her routine with a tiny outfit. Her prop, a boa, sheds all over the place, but she does an amazing stunt by doing a handstand on top of her dance partner. It’s a very sexy routine! The judges love it! They give her a 9 overall.

Corey is up last, and he’s got a hat prop. He’s dancing and stripping at the same time. He looks very suave, and moves much more freely because of all the weight he’s lost. The judges aren’t happy with his use of the hat, but praise his fitness. Overall, he gets an average  score of 6, which is very low!


The contestants with the highest weight loss scores are up first for the weigh-in. It’s Latoya and Adamme again! Who will win between these two competitors this week? Will it be Latoya finally? Or will Adamme take it once again? They both weigh-in, and Latoya gets her first win!

Next, it’s time to find out who will be going home. Stephanie, Michael and Corey are up for weigh-in. In a shocking twist, Stephanie gained weight this week! She receives zero for her weight-loss score, and is up for elimination. Michael loses enough weight to be safe, so it’s just up to Corey. He loses enough weight to be safe, so Stephanie is sent home. Now, only four remain, and next week is Hollywood week!

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