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The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose!

August 02, 2010 07:51 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose, America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky will be reunited with her fiance, Roberto, and will address issues from her season, such as Frank leaving, and sending Chris home early. Read on for the details…

Chris Harrison welcomes Ali to the set of After The Final Rose, where she giggles about how relieved she is that she and Roberto can finally be together publicly.

We watch a montage of Frank’s premature departure which took Ali completely off guard. Chris asks if Ali really believes Frank is in love with Nicole, or was it an easy way out.  Ali replies that it’s not for her to say.  Chris wonders if Frank would have received a rose at that ceremony if he hadn’t left. Ali says it’s possible – if they’d had a great date that day.  Chris shares that Frank was supposed to be there tonight, but backed out at the last minute.  Ali is disappointed, saying she had hoped to clear the air. She adds that what he did was selfish, but she has forgiven him.


Chris Harrison sends Ali off the set, and brings Chris out to discuss his feelings about what happened that day in Tahiti when Ali let him go.  We watch the scene again, and Chris admits to the host that it’s unbelievably hard to watch that again,  just as it’s difficult to open up to that point.  He admits he was ready to propose the next day. Chris Harrison asks if he was angry. Chris says you can’t control who you fall in love with, and he knew he couldn’t force it.  He shares that he is ready to fall in love again.

Chris Harrison reiterates that Chris and Ali haven’t seen each other since Tahiti. Ali is brought out to see him, and they share a hug. She tells him he looks great (he does!).  Ali gushes about what a great guy he is, and Chris asks her what she learned from their relationship as they went through the show. Ali says he helped her learn a lot about what she was looking for in a partner, adding that she has so much respect for him. Chris thanks her for not putting him through the Final Rose ceremony, saying it shows the kind of person she is.  Ali tells Chris Harrison that her friendship was deep with Chris, but the romance was stronger with Roberto.


They talk about seeing Chris’s mom’s rainbow that day, and Ali shares that she and the crew noticed and were excited and crying at the sight of it, knowing what it would mean to Chris.

Alone with Chris Harrison again, Ali tells the host it was great to see Chris again and she hopes he finds someone special. Talk turns to Roberto, who Ali says is her rock. Harrison brings up a time in Iceland, when Ali expressed worry about falling in love, and not being loved back. Chris laughs that Ali tried not to fall for Roberto! Ali admits he came across as smooth, and in her experience that meant he could be a player. Ali giggles that she now believes in love at first sight.

Chris finally brings out Roberto to be reunited with Ali. They share a hot, romantic kiss, then sit down. Roberto tells Chris how much he is looking forward to living a normal life with Ali. Roberto says it was like a train hit him when he first got out of the limo and saw Ali, and by the third rose ceremony he couldn’t imagine life without her.  They talk about meeting on a TV show, and Roberto says it doesn’t matter how you meet, the relationship develops.


We watch Roberto proposing to Ali again. The lovebirds hold hands, Ali tears up, and Roberto beams. Ali admits it’s the first time they’ve seen the footage.  They go over each others good qualities, and Ali expresses how glad she is that she took the chance.

Ali and Roberto share some of the details of sneakily seeing each other every two weeks even though they couldn’t go out in public, and coordinating times to watch movies so they felt like they were together. Ali tells Chris that Roberto has moved his business to the West coast, where she will move in with him and find a job as well. Chris asks if they’ve talked about tying the knot. Ali laughs that they discussed next summer, but Roberto is keen to do it sooner!

Chris tells the pair they have a helicopter waiting to whisk them off in style to California’s Catalina Island to begin their life together.

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