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The Bachlorette: Final Rose Season Finale!

August 02, 2010 07:02 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky will take the remaining two bachelors, Chris and Roberto, to meet her family on Bora Bora. Chris Harrison does a recap of the season to begin the episode in which we finally will learn whether Ali will choose Chris or Roberto, and if there will be any surprises. Read on for the highlights and Final Rose details!

Ali recounts what a great time she has had traveling to different countries on her journey to find love. She touches on her immediate attraction for Roberto, and how she knew she was falling in love with him when she woke up next to him after their overnight date.

She describes her and Chris as really good friends who are falling in love. She knows he would fit into her life very well.  Ali admits she is nervous about coming to the end of her journey and giving her heart to someone.


Roberto is the first to meet Ali’s family on Bora Bora. They greet each other with a deep kiss and he asks if he should be nervous. Roberto is determined to let Ali’s family know that he is there for the right reasons and cares for her.  Roberto and Ali exchange hugs and kisses with her parents, brother and sister.  They laugh about Roberto and Ali’s first date and then share a meal.

Roberto chats with Ali’s brother and sister alone, and then meets with her mother. Roberto asks mom what he can do to ensure that Ali is always happy. Ali’s mom says he’s already doing it.  She speaks to him in Spanish and he is moved. Next up is Ali’s dad – Roberto wants his blessing. They head outside and discuss Roberto’s feelings for Ali. Roberto asks for his blessing to propose to Ali. He gets it!  Once the group is all together again, salsa lessons ensue.  Roberto tells Ali, once alone, that he liked her family; they were fun.


It’s Chris’s turn to meet the fam now. He acknowledges that this could be a deal breaker if it doesn’t go well.  Ali announces that Chris is from Massachusetts and it goes over big!  They discuss his family and Chris tells them about his mom dying. They address the emotional issue again over dinner.  Chris spends some time with the brother and sister, and admits that he and Ali progressed slower than everyone else, saying he wanted it to be natural.  Inside, Ali’s mom tells her daughter she’s glad it’s not her that has to make the decision between Chris and Roberto!

Like Roberto, Chris wants to ask Ali’s dad for her hand.  Her father asks if he can honestly say he loves Ali after two months. Chris says he may be asking for her hand in marriage and would love to have his blessing. He gets Alex’s blessing.  They rejoin the group and swimming ensues.

Based on the kisses when they say goodbye, Roberto appears to be the front-runner; Roberto got more passionate kisses, while Chris got pecks.


Ali’s family fills her in on the feelings they took from both guys. Ali’s parents felt Chris was more hesitant, but the sister and brother disagree. Ali’s mom thinks they both love her and ultimately, it’s up to her.

Ali meets with Roberto for their last date. He greets her by saying, “Hello, beautiful,” and spinning her around. They head out on a jet ski and look like they’re having a blast. They encounter some stingrays and get in the water with them. Ali squeals as one comes up on her back!  Roberto is protective. Next, they eat a picnic on a private beach. When it starts to rain they embrace nature and swim and kiss in the downpour. They’re hot.

Later, they meet for dinner, and Ali confides that it’s been the best date yet. Roberto has a gift for her. She opens a framed picture of their first date with a heartfelt inscription written on the back.  They make out, and he opens up about his conversation with her father, letting her know that he definitely is in love with her.  Ali replies that she feels like her heart is exploding out of her chest!


Chris is in love as well, and is ready to meet Ali for their final date. They hug, and Ali sits down with him. She tells him how difficult it is for her at this point, and lets him know how many wonderful things her family said about him.  Chris realizes something is up, when she stammers and hesitates. Finally, she admits she is in love with someone else, and has to let him go now ( I knew it – the kisses don’t lie!). Ali adds that she didn’t want to put him through the rest when she already made up her mind. He thanks her for that, and for being honest. They embrace and tears slide down Ali’s face.  Chris wishes her luck the next day, and they hug again.

Ali reflects on how much Chris has been through in his life, and how she hated to do this to him today, but explains that it wouldn’t have been right to let it go on longer.


Chris says Ali was one of the most amazing girls he’s ever met, and he loves that she handled things the way she did. He hurts, but wants to see her happy.  Chris sees a rainbow, and feels it’s his mom saying, “Good job, Chris,” for putting himself out there, and telling him it’s going to be okay.  Chris believes he’ll still find ‘the one’ – he just has to keep on looking. (Perhaps on the next edition of The Bachelor?)

Back at her own digs, Ali enthuses about how in love she is with Roberto.

Roberto wakes up to the realization that it’s a huge day. He knows he loves Ali, but doesn’t want to propose unless he’s certain he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Nonetheless, he is visited by a jeweler to choose an engagement ring.  He finds the ring, but fights nervousness.  Roberto showers, dresses, and prepares to propose, musing that if it doesn’t feel right, he won’t go through with it.

Ali puts on her beautiful, gold gown and heads to the altar where she will await Roberto’s arrival. He makes his way toward her by boat as she watches, smiling.  The rose she gives out today will symbolize her heart.


Roberto makes his way up the steps to where Ali is waiting. He tells her his heart is pounding, though we don’t know if it’s because of her, or the long climb.  Roberto takes control of the situation immediately by telling her how much he wants to be the man who loves her unconditionally for the rest of her life. Ali tells him she loves him so much, and that he is the only man there today.  The air is charged as Roberto drops to one knee and offers up the rock he picked out earlier. Ali accepts his marriage proposal very happily, and they kiss and revel in their love. Ali finally offers him the Final Rose – in Spanish!  He, too, accepts, and then carries her down the steps. Great couple – great outcome!

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