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America’s Got Talent: Fourth Group of Quarter-Finalists Perform Live!

August 03, 2010 07:57 PM by Candace Young


This week in Hollywood, it’s time for the fourth group of twelve quarter-finalists to perform live on America’s Got Talent‘s on NBC! Nick Cannon introduces the judges; Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan, before reminding viewers that the talent tonight will have to impress them, as well as America in order to move on! Keep reading for highlights from the performances…and then vote for your favorite!

First up in Hollywood tonight is the dance group known as Da Maniacs! Big guys from all walks of life, their challenge tonight will be to convince viewers that they have what it takes to be a big Vegas act. They come out looking the part, dressed as the Blues Brothers and dancing to Soul Man! They transition to MC Hammer costumes and move impressively into Can’t Touch This – Piers hits the buzzer.  Nick calls Piers a party pooper. Piers explains that they have a lack of agility and grace due to their size. Sharon notes that they aren’t professional dancers, but they are entertaining and make her smile.  Howie feels it’s ‘in the middle’ and they probably can’t win with their act.

Four males singers who call themselves NU Covenant want to bring their gospel act to Vegas from Cleveland, Ohio. They take the stage and perform Too Late to Apologize. They get a buzzer from Piers fairly quickly, and a buzz from Sharon follows. When they finish,  Sharon says they look incredible but the harmonies were not happening tonight.  Howie feels their nervousness showed and they were flat. Piers says that’s bang on, adding that he’s liked them from the start and it may have been the song choice.


Young ballroom dancers, Anna and Patryck, are up next. They burst onto the stage with an upbeat jive dance performed to Candyman by Christine Aguilera! Howie tells them they are spectacularly talented, but he wonders if they could be a headlining act in Vegas. Piers says he knows world-class talent and he could see them in Vegas tomorrow! Sharon agrees with Piers, saying ballroom dancing is huge right now.

Hip hop violinist, Lindsey Stirling, will bring her ‘different’ act to the Hollywood audience now.  Her concerns with performing live are bumping into her back up dancers, or dropping her violin, but she does really well! Piers buzzes, but just before the end.  He says he loves her and the act, but the weak link is her violin playing – she was missing notes and at times it sounded like rats being strangled! Sharon tells Lindsey she is unique, but she feels she needs to be in a group because it’s not enough to fill a theater in Vegas.  Howie hates to say it, but he thinks Piers is right – the movement threw off her playing.

Doogie Horner, the bearded comedian, will try his luck tonight.  He takes the stage and in a nasal voice, talks about how he refused to liven up his act, and then proceeds to tell a few jokes while confetti falls and dancers parade behind him. I didn’t laugh once, but let’s see what the judges think. Sharon tells Doogie that Piers smiled even though he tried not to, and she laughed. She tells him he is silly. Howie feels this is a difficult competition for comedians and he was great! Piers tells him that in spite of how much he disliked his act previously, he got to him tonight – he’s funny!


Rudi Macaggi, a third generation circus acrobat who previously warned he might spill blood, plans to wow the Hollywood audience and television viewers by risking his life doing a stunt involving a circular saw! He does a handstand on two pillars either side of the moving saw, and then the pillars fall out, so he drops almost to saw-level head first before catching himself.  He gets a dramatic reaction. Howie assumes it was great – he couldn’t watch! Piers calls it the most extraordinary and exciting thing he’s ever seen on the show! Sharon likens it to watching a horror movie – and Rudy is a true entertainer!

Taylor Mathews, the nervous young singer from Louisiana, whose dad is cheering him on because he gave up his own music career to raise his family, is set to take the stage.  A real cutie, Taylor captures the attention right from the start with his great voice and confident performance. He gets a standing ovation from the audience! Piers tells him he came out of his comfort zone with the song choice and there were moments he saw a real potential pop star! Sharon can’t wait to see him again – he’s definitely got something about him! Howie thinks it wasn’t his best performance, but bets he’ll make it to the finals!

Mary Ellen, the wild bee-hive haired lady who Sharon described as ‘barking mad’, is up next with her keyboard, hay bales, and some cowboys.  The honky-tonk theme develops and Piers buzzes rather predictably. Just as my ears are about to bleed, the judges start gesturing and Nick pulls a giant plug because she’s over ninety seconds – hilarious! Howie, meanwhile, has donned a beehive wig and crazy lipstick to tell Mary Ellen he loves her. Sharon asks Mary Ellen why she’s not happy tonight. She says she has a virus – which she’s had for two years! As Howie cringes, Piers urges her to sneeze on Howie and murder him.


ArcAttack, the group who perform with live electricity, have an act so dangerous, NBC actually built a special stage for them outside in Hollywood! They conduct electricity and play Iron Man on electric guitars, wowing the audience! Howie and Piers think they could be a really successful Vegas act. Sharon asks a technical question, and offers up a singer for the next time they do Iron Man!

Prince Poppycock is up next for a total change of pace. He comes out as a pierrot and sings his just beautifully! Piers calls him his guilty pleasure, and says he can absolutely see him as a Vegas act! Sharon tells him it’s so refreshing to see an opera singer who’s not fat and sweaty – she tells him he is perfect! Howie says he’s fabulously talented, but wonders if middle America will respond to the act. Piers shouts that they already have!


Murray, the magician with the fluffy-top blond hair has to come up big tonight since he’s already produced a full-size Ferrari previously. Murray brings a girl in a dancing in a glass box out onto the stage. He borrows Pier’s jacket and gives it to the girl inside. He covers the box with purple cloth and then reveals a tiger inside – the girl pops up beside Howie, who admits he pee’d just a little bit! Howie is suitably impressed – he wowed him! Sharon says he belongs in Vegas! Piers thanks him for the return of his jacket and says he absolutely wowed them,  which is what he needed to do at this stage of the competition!

Strikers All Stars come out in red tracksuits and hip hop dance like crazy. They are really good! Howie thinks they were a little more impressive the last time, choreography-wise. Piers agrees with Howie, but says it’s going to be a tough call to see who will go through. Sharon tells them they are energetic and talented, but they have landed on a tough, competitive night and that may make a difference as to whether they go ahead.

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