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Hell’s Kitchen: Final Two Are Revealed Tonight!

August 03, 2010 07:13 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay cuts the finalists in half when he reveals which two contestants will be competing in the finale next week. Think you know which two chefs will be heading home and which two will be heading to the finale? You may want to rethink that and keep reading for all the details!

First up tonight on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay puts the contestants to the ultimate challenge: dining on one of his dishes from the Savoy restaurant and then asking the contestants to recreate it…..afterall if they are going to run the Savoy, they may as well know the menu, right? Since they already ate the dish, Chef Ramsay had left another one in the kitchen so they may study it. After studying the dish one more time, the chefs head off to recreate the dish for Chef Ramsay. Holli, Autumn and Ben grab the venison while Jay is unsure of the protein and cooks up three while trying to decide what it was. Jay also strays from the other three as he chooses pear for his fruit puree, while the others chose apple.

Chef Ramsay would be the only judge in this challenge though. When it came to tasting the dishes, he was looking for taste as close to his as well as the proper ingredients. Jay was the only contestant to chose the proper fruit in the pear, but unfortunately for him he also chose the wrong protein. Jay decided to go with beef when in fact the other three were correct by choosing venison which just discarded him from winning the challenge. Autumn also made a critical mistake by choosing bacon instead of prosciutto thus leaving Ben and Holli in the run for the winning dish. Chef Ramsay liked Holli’s dish better as hers had more of a glaze and less of a sauce as Ben’s did. For winning the challenge, Holli was treated to a relaxing day on a boat with her family! The losers had to clean out the dorms from all the previous contestants.


The next morning, Benjamin woke up claiming he pulled his back out from all the manual labor the day before and decided he would sit out all day while the others are prepping the kitchen for dinner service. The other contestants seem to think Ben is just upset that Holli got to spend the day with her family and he did not. We all know he cannot stand to lose, but to lose to Holli was just too much for him, heck imagine if it is was Autumn!

After sleeping most of the day, sitting in the hot tub and then visiting a chiropractor with no improvement in his back, Ben decides to go talk with Chef Ramsay about the possibility of leaving of Hell’s Kitchen due to his “injury”. Chef Ramsay of course tries to take him out of it, and tells Ben to think it over carefully. Ben then returns to the kitchen to let his fellow contestants know that he will be cooking tonight and not giving up. Needless to say the three of them are completely annoyed with him and feel he should not participate since he did not help prep.

Dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicks off with each of the final four taking over the pass, starting with Jay. Jay runs the pass with ease, and catches all of Sous Chef Scott’s sabotaged dishes. Holli is next up and has a harder time catching the errors, but does a good job overall. Ben, who mysteriously shows no signs of any back issues runs the pass with ease as well, but did not catch two of Chef Scott’s sabotaged dishes. Autumn in last but not least as she proves just how loud and bossy she can be. What she doesn’t do though is catch some of the errors, and when Chef Ramsay alerts her of this, she starts to send everything back annoying all the contestants.


After dinner ended, Chef Ramsay informed the contestants that not only one, but two chefs would be heading home tonight and he asked them to each go back and think of two people to send home. When they returned and pleaded their cases, Chef Ramsay delivered the bad news to Autumn that she would not be competing in the finale the next week. Then he went on to announce that Jay would be the first chef moving on to the finale, but who would be joining him?
Just as I was sure Ben would weasel his way in somehow, Chef Ramsay announced that Holli would be joining Jay in the finale and Ben would be heading home…I guess he saw through Ben afterall! So it looks like we will have the two lovebirds in the finale the next week, congratulations to both Jay and Holli!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for an all new drama filled episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX as it looks like the romance gets serious and so does Chef Ramsay! Remember to catch the season premiere of Gordon Ramsay‘s new show MasterChef at 9 pm EST! Be sure to catch them both!

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