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Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List Season Finale: Kathy Griffin Plans A Surprise With Cloris Leachman!!

August 03, 2010 07:29 PM by Jennifer


On the tonight’s season finale of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo, Kathy goes all out and prepares a special musical performance for her mother, with special guest Cloris Leachman!! Keep reading to find out if Kathy was able to keep it rated PG!

In an attempt to impress her mom and point out that is is okay to use foul language and act a certain way, Kathy Griffin prepares a musical to perform in front of her mother. So she enlists the help of not only a voice coach but Tony Award Winner Kristen Chenoweth! She wants to make her mom Maggie proud, but at the same time she also wants to prove to Maggie that alot of daughters act crazy and use foul language just like she does! She also turns the musical into a talent show to be performed in front of all of Maggie’s friends, and what better way to do that then to bring Cloris Leachman into the mix. Kathy knows that will definitely impress Maggie’s friends, but Cloris seems to be all about the booze, and profanity!

Her next mission on tonight’s season finale of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravom Kathy decides to add an Ancient American Idol contest with residents of the elderly folks home. Maggie couldn’t hurt a fly, so she was unable to give any negative feedback on any of the auditions. These people were hysterical! Maggie did have her eye on a guy who sang a really depressing song. They were able to narrow their selections down to a few good singers and a man who did a card trick with a cat on his shoulder.


As the night of the musical show approaches on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo, Kathy Griffin also manages to get legendary comedian Rip Taylor to join in on the fun, along with a few other Broadway stars. But Kathy gets worried when Cloris Leachman is nowhere to be found at the start of the show. As the curtain opens and Kathy is introduced to the crowd of seniors, She starts out by telling her mother that it will be a family show, one that she will be proud of. Then Rip Taylor comes out and performs for Kathy;s mom Maggie. As the acts perform one after the other, Coris is still missing in action, and she was supposed to be Kathy’s main attraction. When she finally does arrive, after it is verified that Cloris is not drunk as Kathy thought she would be, But she was lying down in a lounge chair a few minutes before she was supposed to go on stage! But she definitely wasn’t in her right mind! When Kathy goes to introduce Cloris, she takes her sweet time coming out onto the stage. She sings a song about loving the piano, and Kathy was happy that the show went over well for her mother.

Now it is Kathy’s turn to show her mother her big surprise, the grand finale, where Kathy sings “You Made Me Love You” to her mother Maggie. But she puts her own spin on it, with a few choice words thrown in there, and just as Maggie cringes thinking Kathy is going to drop the F bomb, Kathy pleasantly surprises her and doesn’t use profanity! What a great tribute song to her mother, and Maggie was not only surprised, but also very proud of Kathy! What a great season it has been, and I am sorry to see it end!

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